Project Assistants

Kinsley Greenlaw (she/they) 4th Year

Kinsley is an Environmental Science major and a Global Health Studies minor. She is on the varsity Field Hockey team at Allegheny and is also a sister of Alpha Delta Pi. Kinsley loves the outdoors and some of her favorite things to do are hiking, traveling, backpacking, and her all time favorite thing to do is find her favorite amphibian- Salamanders! Her favorite salamander is the Northern Red Salamander. She is very excited to be in her third year at both Allegheny and Creek Connections!
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia
High School: Stafford Senior High School

Eva Kerr (she/her/hers) 4th Year

Eva is an Environmental Science and Biology double major and she plans to study salamanders and freshwater ecosystems. Fun fact: her first word was ocean! Her biggest goal while being at Allegheny is to see a hellbender and (because she checked that off the list) her second goal is to graduate! She is excited to be a Creeker so she can help foster a positive and educated relationship between water resources and kids. Her biggest fear while being a Creeker is that she will be shorter than all the students.
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia
High School: James Monroe High School

Kaitlyn Royal (she/her/hers) 3rd Year

Kaitlyn Royal is an Environmental Science and Biology double major and Education minor. She loves being outdoors and enjoying nature. Kayaking, boating, and hiking are some of her favorite pastimes. Her favorite streamside critter is the cedar waxwing, which she commonly sees while kayaking down French Creek. After being in the Creek Connections program in middle school, she knew that when she came to Allegheny, she wanted to become a Creeker!
Hometown: Linesville, Pennsylvania
High School: Conneaut Area Senior High

Bianca Sanchez (she/her/hers) 3rd Year

Bianca is an Environmental Science major and Political Science minor. On campus, she leads the Vote Everywhere project with the Andrew Goodman Foundation and is the president of the Green Students Of Color Society (Green SOCS). She loves to go hiking, swimming, fishing, and photographing nature. She loves being outdoors, especially painting outdoor sceneries of nature. After graduating from Allegheny, she hopes to travel around the world and conduct water research as a hydrologist and publish a book. She loves working with Creek Connections and is excited to work with French Creek critters and children. :)
Hometown: Rahway, New Jersey
Highschool: Rahway High School

Alex Clifford (he/him/his) 2nd Year
Alex is an Environmental Science Major and a Political Science Minor. Before coming to Allegheny, he participated in Creek Connections at his high school. On campus, he is involved with the Birdwatching Club, Allegheny Socialists, and Student for Environmental Action (SEA).
Hometown: Leetsdale, PA
High School: Quaker Valley

Blake Vowler (it/she/fae/they) 2nd Year
Blake is majoring in Environmental Science and is double minoring in French and History. They are involved in Sustainable Design Team as a board member, the Outing Club, and Islamic Cultural Association (ICA) In middle school, Blake participated in Creek Connections at Gateway Middle School. Blake loves plants and Classic Literature, and hopes to become an Ethnobotanist, a scientist who studies how cultures use plants. They are also involved in the Wildlife Leadership Academy (WLA) as one of the Academy Support Staff.
Hometown: Monroeville, Pennsylvania
High School: Gateway Senior High School

Grant Dowden (he/him/his) 1st Year
Grant plans to major in Environmental Science and minor in History. He is on the baseball team here at Allegheny and enjoys hiking, longboarding, and watching sports in his free time. He is excited to be apart of Creek Connections for the next 4 years!
Hometown: Ligonier, Pennsylvania
High School: Ligonier Valley High School