Experiential Learning

Application of insights beyond theoretical inquiry, studio, and performance experiences is available through the dance program’s extensive outreach agenda.

  • DMS 520 Internship in Dance Studies:
    Requires intensive work in one or more of the following dance studies educational programs: Creating Landscapes for Children and Teens; Aesthetic Education Symposia for Teachers; Middle School Arts Exploration and Immersion Programs; High School Programs for the Gifted and Self-Identified Talented. Interns collaborate in planning, administering, and evaluating programs. In addition, they share, in the development of exhibitions, performances, and publications of student-generated work. Discussions and written reflections synthesize experiences and research.
  • DMS 590 Independent Study:
    Available to qualified students seeking to do advanced work outside the scope of scheduled course offerings. A project proposal must be submitted and approved in the semester prior to the semester in which the student registers for the course.

Leadership Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to produce and direct concerts and dance ensembles.


Allegheny Dancers have gone on to do graduate work in the related fields of Dance Therapy, Dance Education, Physical Therapy, Elementary Education, Special Education, Arts Education, Choreography and Performance.

Graduate School

Graduate Dance Programs have accepted Allegheny Students as Master of Fine Arts Candidates. Included are Temple University, Case Western Reserve University, and Mills College.

Career Data and Options

  • Master of Fine Arts programs
  • Dance and arts education programs
  • Dance and arts therapy programs
  • Sarah Lowing ’92, MFA Temple University ’98 is an intern in the Dance Exchange- a Modern Dance Company based in Washington DC.
  • Joan Kranak Meggitt ’92, MFA Case Western Reserve University ’99 is an adjunct faculty member in the Dance Programs at Oberlin College and Allegheny College as well as serving as the director of her own Dance Ensemble.