Lindsay Ann Herendeen ’07

Graduate Davies Leader, 2007

“Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention in Rural Northwestern Pennsylvania”
French Creek Environmental Health Initiative, CEED, Allegheny College

FCEHI focuses on community outreach and educational endeavors to help reduce preventable childhood environmental diseases in the region (eg. lead poisoning, allergies and asthma, childhood nutrition and obesity). Lindsay worked on two childhood lead poisoning prevention projects in partnership with Meadville Pediatrics and Center for Family Services. These projects allowed her to test the homes of concerned residents for lead in dust and soil; coordinate with Meadville Pediatrics to increase childhood lead screening; and collaborate with community groups to organize educational outreach efforts to promote lead poisoning prevention. Lindsay provided support to the Davies program itself through a number of efforts, such as the initiative to start a website that would highlight the unique projects and aspects of the Davies Community Service Leaders program.

Lindsay felt that the opportunity to collaborate with community organizations is especially powerful in that these projects are of interest and concern to residents of Crawford County. Subsequently, Lindsay’s efforts directly impacted the health and well-being of children and families in the region. The position of Graduate Davies Leader extended upon her personal objectives to complete work of relevance to the community; to foster a healthy environment; and to pursue a career in environmental and public health.

Lindsay graduated from Allegheny College in May 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Political Science. Originally from Rochester, New York, Lindsay also enjoys the outdoors and is excited to be in Meadville for another year.