Ross Scatchard ’08

Fall 2007 Davies Leader

“Project ONE”
Meadville Market House

The French Creek Project is dedicated to conservation and education that will create a thriving, healthy relationship between community and environment. Under the management of the French Creek Project, the Meadville Markethouse initiated Project ONE, a community-supported agriculture program in the summer of 2007. During his time at the Markethouse, Ross completed a cost comparison between the Project ONE CSA and other regional CSAs. He also completed a number of fundraising activities aimed at enhancing local food availability in Meadville.

Ross feels that his experience gave him a new perspective of the Meadville community and made him more aware and appreciative of what Meadville has to offer. He was glad to be given the opportunity to make an impact at the Markethouse.

Ross graduated from Allegheny College in December 2007. After graduating, Ross headed home to Burlington, Vermont for the spring where he was the assistant coach for a college cross-country ski team. Ross is also an avid cyclist.