Margaret Hodgkiss-Lilly ’11

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009 Davies Leader

“Senior Center Development and Wii Nintendo Program”
Active Aging

Active Aging is a non-profit agency in Crawford County that provides useful resources to senior citizens to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Margaret worked hard in the planning for the agency’s new senior center. She also helped with the organization of Oktoberfest and the Veterans Day salute. Margaret is still working to progress the Nintendo Wii Project she began this past summer. Active Aging now has a virtual bowling league with a few seniors. Margaret still hopes to have get senior citizens involved in exercise with the Wii system and encourage the members to have fun on their feet. Margaret has also introduced this program to several other senior centers in the area.

Margaret’s position at Active Aging is developing positive relationships. She was is to meet and interact with people she otherwise might not have. She says her experience at Active Aging has been helpful with her leadership skills.

Margaret is from Cleveland Hts., Ohio. She is in her second year at Allegheny College and is still weighing her options before declaring a major and minor.