Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Davies & Fahrner Assistant Director of Community-based Projects: Bethany Cocchi

Davies Leaders:

Name: Alexandra Zelazny

Class Year: 2019

Agency: United Way of Western Crawford County

Major: Biology & Psychology

Hometown: Buffalo, NY




Name: Andrea Pence

Class: 2019

Agency: Special Olympics of Pennsylvania – Crawford County (SOPA-CC)

Major/Minor: Neuroscience/Creative Writing

Hometown: Beaver Falls, PA




Name: Bailey Snyder

Class: 2021

Agency: Crawford County Conservation District

Major/Minor: Global Health/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Washington, PA




Name: Chioma Alaka

Class Year: 2019

Agency: Active Aging Inc.

Major/Minor: Biology/Psychology

Hometown: Staten Island, NY




Name: Gabriel Herbst

Class Year: 2020

Agency: Meadville Area Recreation Complex

Major/Minor: Biology/Psychology

Hometown: Sayre, PA




Name: Gabrielle Miller

Class Year: 2020

Agency: Meadville Neighborhood Center

Major/Minor: Community and Justice Studies/Global Health Studies

Hometown: Meadville, PA




Name: Maret Sonder

Class Year: 2019

Agency: Meadville Area Recreation Complex Garden

Major/Minor: Environmental Science/Studio Art

Hometown: Evanston, IL




Name: Melissa Burnett

Class Year: 2020

Agency: French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society

Major/Minor: Environmental Science/Physics

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA




Name: Paola Saladin

Class Year: 2020

Agency: Center for Family Services

Major/Minor: Communication Arts/Community and Justice Studies

Hometown: Newark, NJ




Name: Robert Crowe

Class Year: 2020

Agency: Wesbury

Major/Minor: History/Economics and Community and Justice Studies

Hometown: Arlington, VA




Name: Rosa Orduno

Class Year: 2019

Agency: Bethesda Lutheran Services

Major/Minor: Communication Arts/Community and Justice Studies

Hometown: Corona, CA




Name: Sarah Mayer

Class Year: 2022

Agency: The Market Authority

Major/Minor: Chemistry/Chinese Language

Hometown: Tucson, AZ