Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Name: Amaya Jenkins (Fall 2019)

Class: 2022

Agency: Meadville Area Recreation Complex

Major/Minor: Biology/Psychology

Hometown: Meadville, PA

Name: Gretchen Norton

Class: 2021

Agency: Special Olympics of Crawford County

Major/Minor: Community and Justice Studies/English and Political Science

Hometown: Avon, OH

Name: Jacqueline Kelley-Cogdell

Class: 2020

Agency: Crawford County School for Adult Education

Major/Minor: Economics/Math

Hometown: Cassopolis, MI

Name: Sadie Brown

Class: 2022

Agency: United Way of Western Crawford County

Major: Integrated Informatics

Hometown: Portland, OR

Name: Sam Keane-Paul

Class: 2021

Agency: Crawford County Historical Society

Major: German and International Studies

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Name: Samantha Landgraf (Fall 2019)

Class Year: 2021

Agency: Crawford County Human Services

Major/Minor: Neuroscience/German

Hometown: Butler, PA

Name: Sarah Shapley

Class: 2020

Agency: Crawford County System of Care – Humane Services

Major/Minor: International Studies & Community and Justice Studies
/Women Gender and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Fairport, NY

Name: Tianna Clay

Class: 2022

Agency: Wesbury

Major/Minor: Community and Justice Studies
/Environmental Science

Hometown: New Kensington, PA