Josh Trembulak ’08

Summer 2007 Davies Leader

“Customer Analysis of the Meadville Area Recreation Complex”
Meadville Area Recreation Complex

The Meadville Area Recreation Center (MARC) provides a myriad of recreational opportunities to Meadville residents; including: ice arena; aquatic center; and park facilities. MARC also provides swimming lessons, public skating, and other social activities as well as access to ski trails and a skateboard park. Josh performed a customer analysis for the Meadville Area Recreation Complex (MARC) to help in the process of creating a strategic plan for the future. Josh was involved in a number of side projects, including: MARC’s annual fundraiser, MARCaritaville, document inventory for summer employees, and program development to evaluate MARC’s revenue from the pool for 2007 in comparison to the 2006 season.

The most beneficial thing that Josh learned from being a Davies Leader is that: “you can make a difference in the community while still gaining valuable experience for the future. While being a Davies Leader I got the opportunity to meet and talk with many members of the Meadville community. They are great people, and this is a beautiful town. In the fundraising process I learned that all of the local companies are very generous. I know that the experience gained will be very beneficial to whatever career path I end up choosing.”

Josh will graduate from Allegheny College in May 2008 with a major in Managerial Economics and minor in Communication Arts. He is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Josh plays football for Allegheny College and looks forward to the upcoming year.