Summer 2014

Bethany Chien

Name: Bethany Chien
Hometown: Meadville, PA
Graduating Class: Allegheny, 2014
Major/Minor: Spanish/ Psychology & VESA

Rosalie Evans pictureName: Rosalie Evans
Hometown: Apollo, PA
Class Year: 2016
Major/Minor: Communication Arts/Community and Justice Studies
Davies Site: Active Aging, Inc.

Thus far in my career at Allegheny I have been fortunate enough to participate in a number of short term service projects, however they had a longer lasting effect on me then on the community.  For they are what solidified my desire to participate in a larger, more concrete experience.  It is my sincere hope that I will be able to bring my unique set of experiences and perspectives together to create more meaningful and substantial change, while simultaneously being pushed to learn more about what it means to be a member of and a leader in a community.  Also, as a Community and Justice Studies minor, it is imperative that I have the opportunity to set down my books, step away from the classroom, and actually experience active participation through civic engagement.

Alicia Foster pictureName: Alicia Foster
Hometown: Concord, Ohio
Class year: 2016
Major/Minor: Double major in Communication Arts and Community & Justice Studies
Davies Site: Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau
I’ve always had a passion for doing as much as I can for as many as I can, so getting involved with a cooperative community project was perfect for me. Meadville is such a great little town, and I love it just as much as I do Allegheny, which is why I wanted to become a Davies, so that I could act as a liaison between the two. I’m living in Meadville now, so it’s not just my “college town”. It’s my home. And I want to help strengthen my home with the people who love and care about it just as much as I do. Working at the Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau puts me in the perfect position to do that. At the Visitors Bureau, I help with the promotion and advertising of local businesses, events, and attractions, as well as helping visitors to town learn and find those. I will also be working with Gators in Town so that it can be even more of an influential tool for new Alleghenians, student and faculty alike. I look forward to the skills and experience I’ll be gaining in my time at the Visitors Bureau and as a Davies Leader in general, and learning even more about the town I now call home.

Name: Chelsey GoochChelsey Gooch pic
Hometown: Claysville, Pennsylvania
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor: Neuroscience/ Philosophy
Davies Site: Project O.N.E., Meadville Market House

I became a Davies Leader because I see the importance in forging bonds between Allegheny students and citizens of the greater Meadville area.  I enjoy participating in meaningful volunteer work in the communities I call home, and I wanted to become more involved in Meadville.  The Davies Community Service Leaders Program particularly appeals to me because of its mission to blur the line between the college and the surrounding community and to engage students in project-based initiatives as collaborators with community organizations rather than simply as volunteers.  This collaboration is vital in strengthening the bonds within the larger community.  I am currently working with Project O.N.E. (Offering Nutrition for Everyone) through the Meadville Market House.  Project O.N.E. aims to develop a strong relationship between local farmers and the Meadville community and to provide access to fresh, healthful foods to Meadville residents.  Summer’s Bounty community-supported agriculture and Back to Basics cooking classes are Project O.N.E.’s main programs to educate the community about the benefits of locally grown foods and good nutrition and to make connections between the community and local farmers.


Name: Brynne Hazzard
Class Year: 2015
Davies Site: United Way of Crawford County

charles mosca picName: Charles Mosca
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor: Psychology/ English
Davies Site: MARC (Meadville Area Recreation Complex)

Hi, my name is Charles Mosca and I am a Davies leader. I was first approached to join the program by Laura O’ Campo, who knew very well of my love of serving others. The idea of working on a service project that could possibly assist the Meadville community as a whole really excited me. I love committing myself to service and uplifting those around me. Seeing the smiles on those who had been struggling for so long, helps build up my own character and creates happiness within myself. I have a dream of saving the world and I believe that Davies program is a fantastic place to start. My site is the Meadville Area Recreational Complex by the Meadville area high school and middle school. I am working with the director Chris Nuzback to help expand the MARC’s fitness facility and other projects.  I expect that my knowledge and skill in health and fitness, a topic which I love, will grow and prepare me for the art of personal training. I will assist in helping others to become the strongest versions of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.  I believe that supporting the MARC will renew Meadville’s relationship with the college and inspire others to take part in the Davies program while relishing in the passions of duty altruism and love.

Name: Don Seitz
Class Year: 2015
Davies Site: Academy Theatre

Name: Autumn Vogelautumn vogel pic
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor:  Psychology; VESA
Davies Site: Chamber of Commerce

I joined the Davies program because I felt compelled to involve myself more deeply in the Meadville community through service. I hope that through my time at the Chamber of Commerce I can contribute to fostering economic growth in Meadville and can help to bridge the gap between Allegheny College and the Meadville Community. I will be assisting the Chamber in planning their many events, including the upcoming Thunder in the City event. I hope that through my service I can encourage Allegheny students to become more active citizens in the city of Meadville while aiding the Chamber in fostering a sense of community that encourages its members to take pride in the town, contributing to the civic renewal and vitality that is central to the Davies Program.