Frequently Asked Questions

Will my parents be notified if I violate College policy?
Parents are notified if the violation of College policy results in disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion. In the case of a serious violation that results in suspension or expulsion, we would attempt to call parents at home and then inform them of the outcome in writing. Normally, we send a copy of the letter outlining the results of the disciplinary conference to the address on record. Federal law also allows the College to contact parents regardless of the disciplinary outcome involving alcohol or drug use. We encourage students and parents to talk about proper decision-making skills; especially concerning unhealthy alcohol and drug use.

What is a disciplinary conference?
A disciplinary conference is a meeting between a student accused of violating police and a designated College employee. The employee will inform the student of the alleged violations of College policy, outline the purpose of the conference, and provide an overview of the appeal process. The student is able to read the information related to the incident, respond to questions, and provide witnesses and other relevant information. These meeting are conversational in nature and not akin to a criminal process.

What is the Community Standards Board?
The Community Standards Board is a faculty, staff, and student group that hears appeal of decisions made during disciplinary conferences. The CSB makes an independent decision after hearing all relevant information from the accused student, pertinent witnesses, and the hearing officer.

Where is my conduct file kept?
Students’ disciplinary records are maintained in the Office of Residence Life, located in Reis Hall Room 104.

Can I bring an attorney to a disciplinary conference?
All conduct-related proceedings are closed to those who are not directly related to the conduct process. The accused student, witnesses, the Student Conduct Officer, and Community Support persons may be present during the conference.

Is my conduct file permanent?
The College permanently retains records of violations of College policy resulting in suspension or expulsion.

What is the Honor Committee?
The Honor Committee is comprised of selected students who investigate alleged violations of the Honor Code. The Dean of Students and a faculty member advise the Honor Committee.

Where can I find information about the Honor Code?
Information about the honor code can be found here.

Will graduate schools or employers have access to my disciplinary history?
Disciplinary history is shared with prior consent of the student. Incidents that result in disciplinary warning are not communicated outside the College.

How can I get a copy of my file?
Please make your request in writing to the Student Conduct Officer.