Diversity Alliance

Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CoDE)

The principal functions of the Council on Diversity and Equity (CoDE) are to review and evaluate progress on improving diversity (on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and membership in other under-represented groups) of all Allegheny College constituencies (administration, faculty, staff, and students); to advance and increase awareness of issues of diversity and equity at Allegheny; to facilitate communication and discussion among members of the campus community on issues of diversity and equity; and to make policy recommendations to the Provost of the College, Faculty Council, and the Board of Trustees.


The Allegheny Gateway seeks to enhance opportunities for students to study, live and work abroad; encounter and engage with diverse peoples and viewpoints; get involved in defining and addressing real-world problems; engage in collaborative projects with other students, faculty, staff and community partners; and articulate how their Allegheny experiences have prepared them for careers and graduate/professional studies after they leave college.

International Education

The International Education office is committed to the internationalization of Allegheny College by assisting students and faculty going overseas, assisting students who are interested in national study programs and providing services to international students, faculty and scholars and helping them integrate into campus and community life.

Spiritual & Religious Life

The Spiritual and Religious Life Office provides spiritual guidance and fellowship for students of any faith or of none. Weekly Christian, Jewish, and Muslim ritual opportunities are offered on campus, as well as resources for Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, and secular students. Students of different faiths or who have an interest in religion come together in our Interfaith Fellowship. Students of faith are encouraged to deepen engagement with their own faith traditions, while developing respect for difference.