Bystander Training

“Bringing in the Bystander” is an important initiative on our campus.  This initiative began in 2012-13 as a two year grant-supported program in partnership with Women’s Services of Meadville to educate and train our first year students with skills to intervene as a pro-social bystander and the importance of doing so.

Here are just a few important highlights about this program, now in its fifth year at Allegheny:

  • A goal of the training is to change the culture around harassment, intolerance and violence.
  •  Bystander Training  supports our Statement of Community in that it is relevant to sexual violence prevention and also applicable more widely – to help community members  “actively confront and challenge” all forms of harassment and discrimination.
  • Examples of times when bystanders did not intervene and when they did are shared during the training, as well as guidelines about how to most safely intervene. Information about sexual violence statistics and survivors experiences is also conveyed along with resources for support and assistance and how to report incidents at Allegheny.
  • Bystander training for students is offered outside of class time.  The program at Allegheny is built on the nationally acclaimed model, Bringing in the Bystander created at the University of New Hampshire.

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