Non-Academic Conduct

As an educational institution, Allegheny College has the authority to establish and enforce reasonable policies regarding the conduct of its students toward the end of protecting the integrity of its educational program, its facilities, and the rights and safety of its constituents. Upon acceptance for admission to Allegheny College, students acknowledge both this right on the part of the College and their awareness that they will be held accountable through the Allegheny College Student Conduct System if they are found to have committed one or more violations of College Policy. Any member of the College community may report an alleged violation of College policies. Such reports shall be prepared in writing and directed to the Student Conduct Officer. Reports should be submitted as soon as possible after the alleged violation occurs. The Student Conduct officer, or other person designated by the Student Conduct Officer or the Dean of Students, will conduct preliminary inquiries and determine sanctions for non-academic matters.

Report an Incident


 Disciplinary Conferences

Students accused of non-academic offenses are subject to a disciplinary conference with the Student Conduct Officer, or designee who is an employee of the College. This conference is to be used as a dialogue to find resolution to the incident. Resolutions for students found to be responsible for violating College policy can include a variety of sanctions. Sanctions will be assigned by the Student Conduct officer or designee. For incidents where the behavior would not result in suspension or expulsion, a decision may be rendered without a disciplinary conference. In these cases, the student, upon reviewing the preliminary decision may request a conference to discuss the incident or decision. If the student chooses not to request a conference after reviewing the decision, the student will not be able to appeal the decision.

For behavior that may result in suspension or expulsion, the student will be notified in writing about the date and time of the disciplinary conference. The notice will also include the nature of the specific alleged violations of College policy. Any student wishing to appeal the outcome of a disciplinary conference may do so by notifying the Student Conduct Officer, in writing, within five calendar days of the date of written notification of the decision. An appeal of the findings established during a disciplinary conference will be referred to the Community Standards Board.


The Community Standards Board

The board shall consist of at least eight members (four students and a total of four faculty, staff or administrators) recommended by the Faculty Council, the Dean of Students, and the Allegheny Student Government Executive Board. Quorum shall consist of four members (an equal number of students and faculty or staff). The board will conduct a hearing to consider relevant information about the alleged violation, to discuss the alleged violation, to determine whether the College Policy has been violated, and to determine sanctions, if appropriate. The Assistant Dean of Students will provide administrative support to the Community Standards Board. Questions regarding this process should be directed to the Dean of Students Office.