10% of the population suffers from depression in any given year, yet only 20% of those people seek help.

Signs & Symptoms

  1. Significantly depressed mood or irritable mood
  2. Sudden crying spells
  3. Substantial change in appetite, eating patterns, or weight
  4. Fatigue or energy loss
  5. Difficulty concentrating
  6. Inappropriate feelings of guilt or self-criticism
  7. Lack of sexual desire
  8. Suicidal thoughts, feelings, or behaviors
  9. Difficulty sleeping or increased sleep
  10. Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities

What you can do if you think you may have depression…

  1. Reduce the use of drugs or alcohol
  2. Engage in a form of physical activity
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet
  4. Get an adequate amount of sleep
  5. Focus on positive aspects of your life
  6. Consult a physician
  7. Call the Counseling Center at 332-4368


Come to the Depression Screening:

  • October 17 between 5 and 7 p.m. in the Counseling Center, Reis Hall room 304
  • October 18 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in Campus Center rooms 301 & 302
  • No appointment necessary, come anytime within times noted
  • Therapy dogs will be present to help brighten your mood!
  • Call x4368 for details