Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness may look different for each person, but it involves the meanings that give purpose to life, especially in the midst of transition and loss. For some, this may include a relationship with God and involvement with organized religion. Others may seek more spontaneous experiences of spirituality, or practices and beliefs drawn from a variety of sources. For all of us, spiritual wellness involves healthy relationships with those who share similar values.

If your spiritual well being relies on religious fellowship, Allegheny Religious Life offers a number of groups for students and regular worship opportunities on campus. Local churches welcome students as well, and the Office of Religious Life can help students make contact with a particular denomination. Our spiritual lives are also nourished through yoga, dance, and meditation.

The following is a selection of related talks, workshops or other events held by professional staff associated with Allegheny College and available for your group at your request.

Jane Ellen Nickell, Chaplain, 332-2800, Reis Hall, Room 103

  • Spirituality and Sexuality: Participants will explore sexual choices that are faithful to their own integrity as a person (mind, body, spirit), and to their personal beliefs and understandings of God.
  • Spirituality and Nature: Discussion focuses on how recovering a sense of natural rhythms can lead to a new understanding of ourselves and our place in God’s creation.

Dave Roncolato, Director of Community Service, 332-5318, ACCEL, Reis Hall

  • The art of being still
  • Silent Retreat