Stress for Success

(15 tips to help if you are experiencing an unusual amount of stress)

Remember that not all stress is bad; a certain amount of stress can actually help you perform well. Too much stress over long periods of time can be harmful. Learning ways to manage and reduce your response to stress can help you now and your whole life.

  1. Get plenty of rest.
  2. Establish your priorities.
  3. Exercise 20-30 minutes a day.
  4. Drink plenty of water and reduce caffeine intake.
  5. Eat well.
  6. Talk about what’s bothering you.
  7. Make a realistic plan and manage your tasks accordingly.
  8. Establish healthy rewards for yourself: watch a movie or a favorite TV show AFTER getting your work done.
  9. Take frequent breaks: try 5-minute meditation exercises, a walk around the block or a phone call to a friend.
  10. Make time for friends and relaxation, especially during periods of high stress.
  11. Find ways to use humor and laugh a lot.
  12. Think positively and challenge your negative thoughts.
  13. Dance, do yoga or some other form of stretching and tension release.
  14. Do something nice for someone else.
  15. Get help from one of the many resources on campus.