Medical Records

Medical Records Release

As Meadville Medical Center transitions to covering the physical health of students in Winslow Health Center, Allegheny College maintains the overall wellness of the student body. Allegheny medical records up to Fall 2021 are now housed under the Dean of Students umbrella. This includes any Health Status Report forms turned in by students who matriculated that semester.

Once students are seen by Winslow Health Center in collaboration with Meadville Medical Center (MMC), they start a new medical chart that is the responsibility of MMC. Allegheny College does not have access to those records and all requests for copies must go through Winslow/MMC by calling them at (814) 332-4355.

Requests for medical records through Allegheny must first fill out a Medical Release Form and send it in to the Wellness Education staff via email at wellness@allegheny.eduPlease note, as stated on the form, we will only release records to ONE individual, organization, or entity. It is suggested that you receive the records yourself and then distribute them at your discretion.

Requests will be completed within 30 days of receipt in accordance with Pennsylvania State Law1,2.

Any record request from Allegheny will be processed and sent back via email or fax only. If hard copy is selected, the requestor must pay fees for the production of medical charts or records, in accordance with 42 Pa.C.S. §§ 6152, 6152.1, and 6155.

In pursuant to PA Code 563.6., Allegheny is required to keep medical records for seven years. As of October 27, 2021,  Allegheny’s policy is to maintain alumni health records for the required minimum of seven years post graduation or withdrawal from Allegheny.

If you are outside the seven year window and need immunization records, it is suggested that you research the options listed on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) web-page article “Vaccine Information for Adults.”

Do you have my records? The latest year’s records to be destroyed are done in May/June after the current class has graduated.

Last Year at Allegheny (as of May 31st) Records Will Be Destroyed On/By May 31st of the Year
2023 2030
2022 2029
2021 2028
2020 2027
2019 2026
2018 2025
2017 2024
2016 2023
≤2015 already destroyed