Friday, March 28, 2014

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Registration and Refreshments
Campus Center 3rd Floor Balcony


A. The Limits of Rights Discourse and the Issue of Social Justice
Chair, Eric Boynton
Campus Center 301


  • Ben Ho
  • Emily Stanley
  • Dan Lubarda
  • Michael Deery
  • Matt Kelley

B. Islamophobia and the Rights of Religious Minorities: Popular Media and the Global-Political Situation
Chair, Jackie Gehring
Campus Center 302

  • “Hollywood’s Depiction of Muslims and Islamophobia”
    Mikki Franklin
  • “Are Television Shows, like Homeland, Reinforcing Islamophobia”
    Hilary Upton
  • “The National Security Agency’s Surveillance of Muslims in America: Issues of Civil Rights, Discrimination, and Surveillance”
    Noreen Chatta
  • “Civil Rights and A Perfect Storm: The Problem with Trying to Fight a Global War on Terror”
    Marlana Margaria
    Respondent: Reem Hilal

C. Complexity, Difference and Normalization
Chair, valerie guerrero
Campus Center 303

  • “Bi-Racial Fight for Social Identity: Where Do Bi-Racial People Fit into Society?”
    Wyatt Boyler
  • “Normalization: Categorical Oppression”
    Veronica Schuver
  • “Bayard Rustin: The Genius, the Misfit”
    Larry Fares

D. Higher Education: Institutions of Democracy or Bastions of Privilege?
Chair, Brian Dalton, Vice President for Enrollment and College Relations
Campus Center, Grounds for Change


  • Terrence Mitchell, Founder & Executive Director of CREED College Readiness Program
  • Lucius Outlaw, Vanderbilt University
  • Stephanie Martin
  • Kazi Joshua


  • Carolyn Shetter
  • Kassandra Martinchek
  • John Rooney

Tillotson Room

Tillotson Room
James Mullen, President, Allegheny College
Kazi Joshua, Associate Dean, Allegheny College
Eric Boynton, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Allegheny College

Tillotson Room

Susan Burch, Middlebury College
“Nothing About Us Without US: Disability and Social Justice”

Comments: Lucius Outlaw, Vanderbilt University

Campus Center 3rd Floor Balcony


A. Disability and Rights Discourse
Chair, Deborah Dickey
Campus Center 301

  • “Striving for Change”
    Carly Whisner
  • “Disabled: A Unique Identity”
    Katie Stanger
  • “Fitting and Misfitting”
    Abigail Walters

B. Black Women and the Politics of Respectability
Chair, Marita Gilbert
Campus Center 302

  • “The Marginalization of Black Women during the Civil Rights Movement: The Politics of Respectability and Misfits in Society”
    Akosua Nyantakyi
  • “The Power of Self Definition: When Black Women Resisted Respectability”
    Nia Miller
  • “Black Women in American Democracy”
    Christina Thomas

C. The Linguistic Limits of Race and Religion
Chair, Noëlle Vahanian, Lebanon Valley College
Campus Center 303


  • Marquis Bey, Lebanon Valley College
  • Alyssa Nissley, Lebanon Valley College
  • Dylan Matusek, Lebanon Valley College
  • Daniel Kimmel, Lebanon Valley College

D. Melodrama, Memory, and Mediation: The Civil Rights Subject and Equality Discourse in Contemporary Film
Chair, Emily Yochim
Campus Center 206


  • Heather Nelson
  • Joseph Oliva
  • Megan Bart

Ford Chapel

Ford Chapel

Matthew Fletcher, Michigan State University
“Tribal Justice Systems”

Comments: Ellen Armour, Vanderbilt University

Tillotson Room

Dance Performance
Montgomery Performance Space

Ford Chapel

Rev. James Lawson

Parent Library

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time Details

Registration and Refreshments
Campus Center 3rd Floor Balcony


A. Racial Identities, the Media and Trayvon Martin
Chair, Julie Wilson
Campus Center 301

  • “Stand Your Ground?”
    Jabilayh Asante
  • “Beyond the Blue Horizon: Race, Reality, and American History After the Civil Rights Movement”
    Aidan Ryan, Canisius College
  • “Moving from –isms to Interconnecting Identities”
    Daisy Guzman

B. White Supremacy and Democracy
Chair, Frank Forts
Campus Center 302

  • “Race Relations: The Influence of Anglo Saxon Ideals in the Development of American Democracy”
    Ben Swaby
  • “Culture of Ignorance”
    William Taylor
  • “Democracy (Un)Realized: The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement”
    Autumn Vogel

C. Disability Rights & Wrongs
Chair, Jackie Gehring
Campus Center 206


  • Emily Adams
  • Alexis Dickman
  • Trevor Drulia
  • Nicholas Gordon
  • Discussant: Courtney Bailey

D. Problematic (Re)Democratization: The Representation of Civil and Human Rights in Latin American Cinema and Literature
Chairs, Mónica Ayala-Martínez and Charles St-Georges, Denison University
Campus Center 303

  • “Values of Capitalism in Place of Human Values in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”
    Hildi Forton, Denison University
  • “Miss Bala: Gender, Classism, and Space”
    Adrienne Violand, Denison University
  • “What are you? American or Mexican? An Exploration of Identities in Trade”
    Amanda Chase, Denison University
  • “Who Speaks for/to the Poor in Gabriel García Márquez’ El Coronel no Tiene quien le Escriba”
    Alejandro Garnica, Denison University
  • “Women’s Rights in the works of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and Elena Poniatowska”
    Itzel Villegas, Denison University

E. College Students as Social Change Agents: Navigating Activism and Service around Environmental Justice
Chair, Kate Darby
Campus Center, Grounds for Change


  • William Tolliver
  • John Rooney
  • Liesel Anderson

Campus Center 3rd Floor Balcony


A. Allegheny, the Fisk Exchange and the Civil Rights Movement in 1962
Chair, Phil Foxman ’90
Campus Center 301


  • June Fair ’64
  • Peter Schwartz ’64
  • Richard Momeyer ’64
  • Diane Duntley ’62

B. Exploring Epistemologies of Racial Ignorance: Why Race Matters in the 21st Century
Chair, Matthew Sayers, Lebanon Valley College
Campus Center 302

  • “Colorblind Society?”
    Anna Quinn, Lebanon Valley College
  • “Prolonging Inequality: The Risks of Redemptive Suffering”
    Megan English, Lebanon Valley College
  • “Coloring the Colonized Mind: A Corrective Epistemology”
    Ashley Ferrari, Lebanon Valley College
  • “Racializing Fear in a Post-9/11 Context”
    Devan Glenny, Lebanon Valley College

C. Changing the Landscape for Peace One Garden at a Time
Chair, Norma Bowe, Kean University
Campus Center 303

Kean University students discuss “Be the Change” organization that is actively engaged in peace efforts by “adopting” vacant lots in Newark NJ neighborhoods and turning them into “peace gardens.”

D. Intersectionality
Chair, Amrita Banerjee
Campus Center 206

  • “Where We Belong”
    Osasere Edebiri
  • “When Should Intersectionalist Framings Be Used?”
    Pranav Arora
  • “It Is Not All About Marriage: Acknowledging the Complexity of the LGBT+ Community”
    Serena Audley

Tillotson Room

Ford Chapel

Ellen Armour, Vanderbilt University
“Crisis in the Anglican Communion: Christian Bio-discipline (and Beyond?)”

Comments: Susan Burch, Middlebury College


A. Dewey, Democracy and Social Justice
Chair, Andrew Bloeser
Campus Center 301

  • “Democracy: The Task Before Us in the 21ST Century”
    John Rooney
  • “Democracy and LGBTQI”
    Quintin Peacock
  • “Democracy and Oppression”
    Megan Maar
  • “Democracy and Misfits: Which of the following does not belong?”
    Breanna Whiting

B. “Displacement, Vulnerability and Justice”
Chair, Lydia Jackson
Campus Center 302

  • “Human Trafficking and the Civil Rights Movement”
    Griffen Stewart, Mercyhurst University
  • “Oh, Lord, Don’t Let ‘Em Drop that PCB on Me: African Americans, Religion, and the Origins of the Environmental Justice Movement”
    Elizabeth Dierenfield, SUNY Geneseo
  • “Epigenetics: Policing the Pregnant in Fear of the Future”
    Kimberly Garrett
  • “Roma and the European Union”
    Michael MacDougall

C. Systems, Legalities, Rights and Democracy
Chair, Ian Binnington
Campus Center 206

  • “Feminist Critique of Lockean Frameworks: Who Is the Subject of Rights”
    Marilena Danelon, York University
  • “Closing the Economic Gap: The Realization of a Democracy”
    Taesha Foster
  • “A Mile Behind”
    Adrian Guzman
  • “The Role of the Voting Rights Act in Providing the Good Life”
    Peter Adler
  • “From Oppression to Suppression: The Impact of the Supreme Court on Early Civil Rights Legislation”
    John Nelson

D. Non-Violence Workshop
Campus Center, Grounds for Change

Facilitator: Rev. James Lawson

Tillotson Room

Ford Chapel

Lucius Outlaw, Vanderbilt University
“Black Folks’ Gifts to the Realization of U.S. American Democracy”

Comments: Matthew Fletcher, Michigan State University
Conference Roundtable

Parent Library