Implementation of an Approved Accommodation

Once the College has approved the accommodation, the student is responsible for sharing an accommodation letter, if needed, with his/her instructors and meeting with them to discuss the implementation of the accommodation. ¬†The student should inform the Office of Disability Services Director when the accommodation is not being implemented, when it is not effective or necessary, when it might need to be adjusted, or when it is no longer being utilized. ¬†Further, the student should follow through and be on time with any accommodation which impacts other individual’s schedules, such as tutors, readers, signers, test administrators, aides, or, if necessary, canceling them with adequate notice.

Accommodations are not retroactive; that is, they do not impact tests or work completed prior to the student”s submission of medical documentation and the College’s determination of any necessary accommodation.

Students with disabilities have the same responsibility as other students to meet the College’s academic and behavioral standards and to follow the College’s general policies and guidelines regarding standards of conduct.

Listed below are the specifics for how each approved accommodation is implemented at Allegheny unless other specific arrangements have been agreed upon:

Extended Time on Exams/Quizzes

Reduced Distraction Area for Testing

Peer Note Taking

Use of a Computer for In-Class Work

Recording of Class Lectures

Preferential Seating

Use of a Calculator

Enlarged Print for Materials

Attendance Accommodation