Extended Time on Exams/Quizzes

This accommodation constitutes “time and a half” based on standard exam time and applies to any test or quiz that is administered in the classroom.  Instructors provide this accommodation  by allowing a student extended time directly before or immediately after a scheduled exam time, during office hours, or at any other mutually agreed upon time.

It may be easier to implement this accommodation by allowing the student to take the test in a separate room  to reduce distraction and confusion with other students that may be coming and going during the examination period.  If it is necessary to relocate the student in order to implement this accommodation, the new location should be as free as possible from distractions and in the same building that the test is being administered as to adhere to the Honor Code.   The hallway is not an appropriate alternate testing environment.

If there is a scheduling conflict because the student and/or instructor have classes directly before and after the course administering the quiz/exam, the student will need to take the quiz/exam at another time that does not conflict with a class.This time should be agreed upon by the student and instructor.   The Learning Commons can also help by providing a space for the student to take the quiz/exam, if it is more convenient for the instructor.