Congratulations to Professor Tomas Nonnenmacher

Congratulations to Professor Tomas Nonnenmacher and co-authors Eric Alston, Lee J. Alston and Bernardo Mueller on the publication of their book, “Institutional and Organizational Analysis: Concepts and Applications; New Approaches to Economic and Social History.”

This book discusses how “Institutional and organizational analysis becomes the basis to show why the economic and political performance of countries worldwide have not converged, and reveals the lessons to be learned from it for business, law, and public policy.”  (quotation from Amazon introduction)

The book will be available at Amazon beginning September 30, 2018.

Tom Nonnenmacher is the Patricia Bush Tippie Chair of Economics and the Co-Director of the Center for Business and Economics (CBE) at Allegheny College. He teaches classes in Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Economic History. As Co-Director of the CBE, he works with a team to expose students to real-world business and economics experiences. He recently co-authored Institutional and Organizational Analysis: Concepts and Applications, published by Cambridge University Press. His other research projects include the organization and regulation of the telegraph industry in the United States and labor contracting on henequen plantations in Yucatan, Mexico.