2019 Financial Literacy Challenge winners

Congratulations December 7, 2019 Winners!

First place 3 way tie

  • Pass/Go, Collect 200 Dollars (Sharlyne Cabral, Nicolas Marrero, Rachael Hensel, Hailey Shull)
  • Just Throw it in the Bag (Daniella Clarke)
  • JLZ-Fund  (Jerfenson Cerda Mejia, Liam Wilby, Zachary Zoll)

Second place tie

  • Risky Business (Samantha Medaglia, Jacob Simmons, Bree Garcia, Ariana Villavicencio)
  • The Smart Savers  (Kayla McCandless, Rebecca Montgomery Kamryn Randall)

Third place tie

  • Forward Thinking  (Adam Cook, Devin Ho)
  • Sustainable Development Goals  (Maura McCampbell)