CBE Summer Experiences with Kaylin Tang ’22

Kaylin TangCBE Fellow and Allegheny Navigator, Kaylin Tang is doing a finance and business operations internship this summer at the global headquarters at Leidos. Leidos is an American defense, aviation, information technology, and biomedical research company.  We asked Kaylin…

How did you find your summer internship?

Kaylin: I heard about the company because it is right by my hometown and has a good global reputation.

What are your duties?

Kaylin: Within the role, I help my managers with financial analysis and forecasting, dealing with revenue, operating income, fees, and other measures of the contracts that the Health group has. I learn to use the systems within my company to create queries and pull data, conduct data analysis, and then send out reports to division managers. I am also involved in an intern group project where I am working to create a more efficient way to forecast depreciation of capital expenditures for the company.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

I would recommend it to other students. It’s a great learning experience like any other internships and the intern program in finance is extremely organized and engaging at Leidos!

Kaylin is a senior majoring in Business with a focus in finance and minoring in Global Health Studies. This is her second year as a CBE Fellow and she is excited to continue her role and influence in the Business and Economics department. Outside her involvement in the CBE, Kaylin is also on the softball team at Allegheny and is a Navigator on campus.