Financial Literacy & Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification

Gene & the Wealth Management Club Board from left: Kylie Kasavage ‘23, Gene Natali, Morgan Douglas ’23, Jacob Dukman ‘22, Morgan Libell ’22

The Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics and Wealth Management Club welcomed back Gene Natali ’01 on Thursday, October 5 in Quigley Auditorium. He is the CEO and co-founder of the fintech company, Troutwood. Prior to starting Troutwood, Gene spent 17-years working with large retirement plans and institutional investors.

He is an award-winning author (The Missing Semester Series) who has key-noted investment and education conferences across the country and spoken in over 500 high school and college classrooms. He is a part-time lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh where he teaches Personal Finance. Gene is a Chartered Financial Analyst, holds an MBA with a concentration in finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in economics from Allegheny College.

His second book in the Missing Semester series addresses the most overlooked subject in financial-literacy education-investing. Primarily addressing students and recent graduates, its lessons are not laden with jargon; its focus is topics and choices that apply to most young people, not just a few, and not those relevant only late in life. The Missing Second Semester presents a call to action: You’re in charge. Understand the opportunity, and make the choices.

The Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics (CBE) prepares Allegheny College students to succeed in a diverse, global economy. The Lunchtime Learning Lecture Series provides students with opportunities to gain valuable information on topics and industries related to internships and careers. The Allegheny College Wealth Management Club (ACWMC) is designed to create a structured educational environment for the Allegheny community. The primary purpose of the club is to offer participants a collaborative environment in which they can openly discuss and learn about topics relating to personal finance. ACWMC organizes seminars, panels, and excursions on issues related to investments, real estate, and credit.