Executive Female Talent and Managerial Inclusivity

An Interview with Paola Corna Pellegrini, CEO of Allianz Global Assistance in Milan, Italy and Allegheny President Hillary Link, moderated by Professor of Marketing Gaia Rancati

This discussion held on September 21, focused on inclusivity inside companies through an important reflection on the topic of female talent. Allegheny President Hillary Link joined CEO Paola Corna Pellegrini for a discussion on the ability of both public and private companies to recognize merit as the keystone for women in executive roles. Ms. Pellegrini and President Link explored the roles of the women who over the years have demonstrated the quality of their skills through excellent performance in executive and managerial committees.

Paola Corna Pellegrini, CEO of Allianz Global Assistance

Paola Corna Pellegrini is the President of AICEO, the Italian Association of CEOs, a non-profit association
of people, founded in July 2011 with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences between
members to generate ideas, innovation and visions on the future, to identify successful experiences and
propose concrete solutions to the problems of companies and more generally of the country.
Always committed to the enhancement of women since 2018, she has been President of the Scientific
Committee of the Winning Women Institute, a non-profit association active in the gender equality
sector that launched the first gender equality certification in Italy, and since 2019 she has been Vice
President of the Forum of Meritocracy with which she launched the Valeria Solesin Prize that she
recounts as the genesis and the ideas in her book, “FORZA RAGAZZE, AL LAVORO! – The word to young
people for a fair, inclusive and meritocratic world. ”

In Allianz Partners since 2011 as CEO, Paola Corna Pellegrini boasts a career that began 38 years ago,
after a degree in Mathematics from the University of Padua and an MBA from the CUOA Business
School, passing from international multinational companies to family ones, which led her to hold top
positions with responsibilities both locally and internationally.

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