CBE Summer Experiences with Binderiya Batsaikhan ’25

Binderiya Batsaikhan
Binderiya Batsaikhan at her internship at Sartoria Premier Tailor LLC

This past summer, Binderiya Batsaikhan(Bindy) was a marketing intern at Sartoria Premier Tailor LLC in Mongolia, a company that operates luxury brands from Europe into the Mongolian market overseeing four major high end stores in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. 

How did the summer go? We asked Bindy…

What are your duties and what are you learning about?

Bindy: As a marketing intern for Sartoria Premier Tailor LLC, I needed to work for two multi-brand stores, and two mono-brands. The multi-brand stores required a lot of my marketing skills gained from inside the classroom, but equally challenged my creative skills as well.  I managed all of the social media content and posts for four stores, creating social media content such as instagram reels, stories, and posts.  In addition, I would create a mood board for each store, come up with photoshoots or content ideas to discuss with the creative director. Once approved, I would work with our photographer to come up with different set designs that incorporated the appropriate visual merchandising elements. One important lesson that I learned about working with luxury brands is that I have to deliver a certain standard of promotion that meets the expectations of luxury consumers.

Besides managing social media accounts, I assisted with the creation of marketing plans for new luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Zadig & Voltaire, and Saphir médaille d’or openings in the Mongolian market. My duties ranged from training the sales assistants about the brands and their recent collection, to organizing different events such as the Zadig & Voltaire pop-up event and creating marketing ideas for the stores. One of my last duties was to plan, market, and operate a clearance sale event for the company, combining all the stores and holding the sales event in an art gallery. From this experience, I gained a lot of understanding and experience about planning a successful strategic event. From the invitation list to the structure of the event to the financial budgeting, it was truly a comprehensive list of lessons learned from my experience.

How did you discover your internship?

Bindy:  I created a list of companies I wanted to work for during my summer trip back home in Mongolia and found different ways to contact these companies. I found my internship with Sartoria through LinkedIn after connecting with the Creative Director of the company. I sent a direct message with my resume and received an interview a week later. 

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

BindyI would recommend that everyone should explore and experience their passions and interests, for me, it was always marketing, particularly luxury fashion marketing. I think my internship taught me a lot about who I want to be, what I can bring to the table, and also what I need to work on in order to elevate my skills. I also want to say that students should just reach out to people and companies, don’t be afraid to get rejected or get no answers back. You never know what opportunities you might have missed if you did not try.

Binderiya is a double major in Economics and International Studies with a French minor planning to graduate in 2025. She serves as a RA, participates in the Law and Policy program, and is a first place winner for her company, Blue Ciel – Cashmere Imports in the 2022 annual Zingale Big Idea Competition.

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