CBE Experiences with Morgan Libell ’22

The COVID era has brought many shifts and changes to summer plans for college students, yet many have discovered productive ways to make the best use of their time.  We asked Morgan Libell ’22, President of the Wealth Management Club…

How is your summer going?

This summer I have been working, visiting the wonders of Pittsburgh, and safely traveling around the east coast. The Wealth Management Club Team and I have been hard at work to develop a better website, and successfully launch our financial literacy campaign for the local Meadville high schools. We are also actively planning activities and seminars for the fall, and hope to do further recruiting to grow the club. So watch out for us on social media and the My Allegheny email!

What is you favorite CBE memory?

My favorite memory from the CBE is going to the Women in Economics symposium at the Cleveland FED.

What advice to you have for new students?

My advice is to take advantage of talking to the great CBE professors and staff because they can truly help you understand the various paths.  Also, research what kind of career and industry you want so you can cater your classes to that path.

Mogan Libell is a Junior at Allegheny from Pittsburgh, PA. She is a Business Major and Global Health Studies Minor, and President of the Allegheny College Wealth Management Club. 

Looking Forward to the New Normal while Honoring the Past

Take a moment to enjoy our Spring/Summer 2021 newsletter, the Business and Economics Review, which summarizes our events and accomplishments during the spring semester. We are looking forward to the return of on-campus learning and already have many exciting events scheduled around our fall theme: “Business in a Diverse Global Economy.” You can find it here

At the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics, students may choose to pursue a major in economics or business with each course of study applying the rigor of a strong background in economic theory with the added benefit of interdisciplinary course work that allows students to create a concentration that matches their personal interests. 


CBE Experiences with Ray Englert ’22

This summer, rising senior Ray Englert  is working on a research project with Dr. Tim Bianco investigating the regional economy, while concurrently  working with the Director of Student Life planning activities for the upcoming semester.  We asked Ray…

How did you find these two opportunities?

Ray: This summer, I technically have two occupations: research with the Bruce Thompson CBE on the economy of Western Pennsylvania, and planning events with the Director of Student Life (this one is only 2 hours per week). My first job was pretty easy to find as I received an email from my advisor, who I have taken several economics classes with in the past, that was basically asking for students interested in a research project with him. After replying with a resume that included skills relevant to the job, I landed it. My second job was similarly easy, as I was familiar with the supervisor and she contacted me from a list of people looking for help with her project.

What are your duties?

Ray: My first job is a mix of objectives. We started by working on data for social services provided by the government, condensing it into a usable form for a summary of the regional economy. I conducted several interviews with industry leaders and public servants to investigate perspectives of the economy so that I could then identify some significant aspects of the economy I may have missed otherwise. Currently I am looking into a few different topics, namely the region’s demographics and industry/business. As I collect data and produce graphs to display the data, I am aiding in writing a draft of our report that analyzes everything we find. My second job is much more simple, as I serve as an extra person to contact organizations and companies to plan programming for the start of Fall.

Would you recommend these activities to other students?

I decided to do research work on campus this summer instead of working at home because I wanted to add job experience in this field to my resume. So far, the work I have done has been gratifying, and I greatly prefer it to the standard summer job for college students. There is a lot to be said about the experience of working with your peers and Professors on behalf of the College. I look forward to finding where I can implement this work experience in my applications for jobs in the future, as I think it fits my interests well. I would definitely recommend this type of job to other students, with the caveat that they should consider all of their options before committing to a summer on campus. Wages are slightly higher at some other types of seasonal jobs currently, and some internships may be available that pay better or give you the option to not live on campus paying the cost of a room.

Ray Englert is a Business Major with a Minor in Energy & Society,  involved in several areas of the campus community. He is the Facilities Intern for the Office of Residence Life, while also holding the PR/Events position for the Interfraternity Council. Ray serves as the Vice President, Alumni Secretary, and PR Chairman for his Fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. 

CBE Experiences with Megan Dennis ’23

Not all experiences are alike, especially during a global pandemic.  CBE Fellow Megan Dennis found a creative way to make the most of her summer while continuing to broaden her learning experience. Here’s what she had to say:

Megan: Since I did not secure a summer internship due to uncertainty following the pandemic, I embraced a growth-mindset for my summer 2021 activities. Determined to continue my education, I focused on three main areas: language proficiency, knowledge, and travel. This included conversations and practice books in Mandarin Chinese and Korean, visits to New York City’s most famous museums and Colorado’s iconic sites, and a reading list self-curated from the local library. My summer reading list includes: “What Color Is Your Parachute 2020,” “The Defining Decade: Why Your 20s Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now,” and “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

For Megan’s full reading list, check out her LinkedIn profile:

Megan is a Junior at Allegheny College from Corry, PA. As a double major in Business and International Relations and a minor in Mandarin, Megan aims to combine cultural understanding with innovative business practices to transform the international market. Specific markets of interest include: music, sports, and the environment. She is currently preparing to study abroad in Asia where she will gain experiences and knowledge to help with the research for her Senior Comp at Allegheny as well as her future career.

CBE Experiences with Morgan Douglas ’23

This summer, CBE Fellow Morgan Douglas is working as a Model Risk Intern under the Enterprise Risk Management division of First National Bank in Hermitage, PA. We asked Morgan…

How did you find your internship?

Morgan: I found the internship job posting on Handshake. I applied, went through multiple interviews, and then I got the job offer!

What are your duties?

Morgan: As the Model Risk Intern, I participate in ongoing model validations and model reviews, conduct model risk reviews of models currently in production, analyze results produced by models to determine their accuracy and statistical relevance, and write reports summarizing validation and review findings. Working in Model Risk has allowed me to network with other departments, communicating with other department heads about models that they use and potential new models from in-house departments and vendors. Along with applying statistical, economic, and computer science concepts to my work, I have learned about regulations that banks must follow. These skills combined allow me to explore exciting models such as the bank’s AML model.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Morgan: Along with model risk work, FNB provides “lunch and learn” sessions for interns to talk one-on-one with leaders of the bank, such as the CEO and CFO, who are eager to help mentor us! FNB’s core values – Integrity & Honor, Excellence & Passion, Teamwork & Collaboration, Innovation & Creativity, Leadership & Recognition – create a welcoming, educational and motivational workplace, perfect for hard-working and eager students.

Morgan is a third-year student at Allegheny College, majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematics. Along with her studies, Morgan is the Data and Technology Intern for Residence Life (previously working as a Residential Advisor), a Fellow for the Center for Business and Economics, the Vice President of the Wealth Management Club, Women in Business and Economics Club Treasurer, a Delta Omicron Epsilon International Economics Honor Society member, a member of Bridge Club where she helps teach local high school students how to play, and has worked as a teacher’s assistant/peer mentor for the department in the past. Morgan is eager to spread awareness among peers and local high school students of career opportunities in Economics and Mathematics. She plans to pursue a graduate program for data analytics. 

CBE Experiences with Noah Tart ’22

CBE Fellow Noah TartThis summer, CBE Fellow and incoming Student Government President, Noah Tart ’22 is working on a research project with Dr. Kathryn Bender and Katie Nichols investigating industry compliance and food waste management. We asked Noah…


What are your duties?

Noah: We have scheduled in-person research collection in Columbus, OH, but have been compiling literature and drafts for an article that hopefully will be published.  In addition, we are preparing letters for politicians to raise the issue of food waste on the federal and state levels.

What are your recommendation for students considering summer research?

Noah: I would most definitely recommend summer research for anyone who is interested in professional ethical research practices and or those who are planning to enter graduate school.  On top of that, I have been studying for the GRE and preparing for graduate school applications. Furthermore, during the month of July, I am attending a Summer Data  Camp where I am learning skills in Stata, R, and Tableau! All in all, it certainly keeps me busy!

Noah is a Senior at Allegheny College from Delta, PA. As an economics major with a minor in global health studies and (pending) mathematics, he plans to attend graduate school to receive a Ph.D. in economics with a focus on development and policy economics. Noah joined the Fellows in 2019 and is interested in research on poverty traps and prosperity cycles.  In addition to being a Center for Business and Economics Fellow, Noah is the Allegheny College Student Government President and the Interfraternal Council Treasurer. 

CBE Summer Experiences with Kaylin Tang ’22

Kaylin TangCBE Fellow and Allegheny Navigator, Kaylin Tang is doing a finance and business operations internship this summer at the global headquarters at Leidos. Leidos is an American defense, aviation, information technology, and biomedical research company.  We asked Kaylin…

How did you find your summer internship?

Kaylin: I heard about the company because it is right by my hometown and has a good global reputation.

What are your duties?

Kaylin: Within the role, I help my managers with financial analysis and forecasting, dealing with revenue, operating income, fees, and other measures of the contracts that the Health group has. I learn to use the systems within my company to create queries and pull data, conduct data analysis, and then send out reports to division managers. I am also involved in an intern group project where I am working to create a more efficient way to forecast depreciation of capital expenditures for the company.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

I would recommend it to other students. It’s a great learning experience like any other internships and the intern program in finance is extremely organized and engaging at Leidos!

Kaylin is a senior majoring in Business with a focus in finance and minoring in Global Health Studies. This is her second year as a CBE Fellow and she is excited to continue her role and influence in the Business and Economics department. Outside her involvement in the CBE, Kaylin is also on the softball team at Allegheny and is a Navigator on campus.


Marketing Monday with Kimberly Scochin ’10

Kim Scochin, GAF World Headquarters, Parsippany, NJ
Kim Scochin, GAF World Headquarters, Parsippany, NJ

The Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics welcomed Kimberly Scochin ’10 on March 15 to present “New Product Commercialization into various Markets through Omni-channel Strategies and Execution.” She shared her career path from Allegheny, giving students a window into the life of a busy, high profile marketing professional.

Kimberly is the Channel Marketing Manager with GAF

She is a creative, data-driven marketer who has spent the past 10 years in the manufacturing industry focusing on product commercialization, branding and channel marketing. She has extensive experience leading new product commercialization into various markets through omni-channel strategies and execution. As Channel Marketing Manager, Kim is focused on curating relationships through the development and execution of channel alignment strategies for both commercial and residential products and services from GAF to the various wholesale and dealer partners across North America.

Kimberly has also worked for companies such as Ingersoll Rand, Alpha Wire, and American Standard Brands in communications, brand marketing, and channel roles. She is a 2010 graduate of Allegheny College, and earned her M.S.B.A. Marketing in 2011 at the University of Rochester, Simon School of Business.

The Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics attracts Allegheny’s next generation of business innovators and entrepreneurs by providing a host of co-curricular activities that connect with and deepen their classroom experiences. The Lunchtime Learning Lecture Series provides students with opportunities to gain valuable information on topics and industries related to internships and careers.


Celebrating Academic Excellence – Honors Convocation 2021

Each year, the Business & Economics faculty and staff  meet to choose the students who will earn these annual awards.  Having worked all year with so many excellent students, it is a nearly impossible task. 

It is our distinct pleasure as a department to congratulate our 2021 award winners for their hard work and commitment to the study of Business & Economics:

  • The Prize of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants awarded for excellence in accounting studies:  Owen M. Harkins ‘21.
  • The Economics Senior Project Prize, a monetary gift for the best senior project assigned annually by the Department of Economics to encourage understanding and good scholarship: Alex Abadi ‘21.
  • The Graduate Student’s Prize in Economics, an annual  prize to a senior whose achievement has been outstanding and whose promise as a graduate student is substantial:  Kirsten D. Lashbrook ‘21.
  • The Outstanding Achievement Prize in Economics, awarded to a senior with an outstanding record in economics and for general contributions to the vitality of the department: Alex Abadi ‘21 and Rachel Tobler ‘21.
  • The John L. Porter Prize, an award jointly assigned by the Department of Political Science and the Department of Economics to recognize a student who has written the best thesis on a topic of political economy: Victoria Vradenburg ‘21.
  • The Outstanding Junior Major Prize, awarded for exceptional academic achievement, performance in the seminar, and contribution to the general life of the department: Maya Ginter-Frankovitch ‘22

At the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics, students may choose to pursue a major in economics or business with each course of study applying the rigor of a strong background in economic theory with the added benefit of interdisciplinary course work that allows students to create a concentration that matches their personal interests. Like many related disciplines in a liberal arts curriculum, Business and Economics emphasizes oral, written, and quantitative methods in courses and seminars.

The Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics inducts new members for 2021

Omicron Delta Epsilon 2021The Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics, Alpha Psi Chapter met both virtually and on campus to induct new members, celebrate scholarship in economics and honor outgoing faculty advisor, Professor John Golden on March 30, 2021.  

The incoming advisor, Professor Michael Michaelides was the Master of Ceremony for the annual event with welcoming remarks by Rachel Tobler ‘21, Center for Business & Economics Fellow. 

“One of the most interesting aspects of economics is the wide diversity in the interests and backgrounds of its members,” cited Golden.  “Many come to the field with a desire for a career in policy that can improve the way people live and work. The problems they tackle are many,” he added. “Our ODE chapter will be in excellent hands with Dr. Michaelides as faculty advisor,” he continued, “I welcome you all to Omicron Delta Epsilon and wish you success now and always.”

Congratulations to the new members for 2021:

Angel (Alyssa) Astaria Olivia Brophy Ian Craycroft
Ryan Dayton Matthew Del Rosso Morgan Douglas
Brett Heckert Emily Jones David Kraus
Grace Lengauer Christian Lussier Harley O’Brochta
Jack Parker Megan Powell Joseph Silvester
Nicholas Taliani Noah Tart Molly Tarvin
Dakchyata Thapa Thomas Uranga Victoria Vradenburg

Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Economics Honor Society, is one of the world’s largest academic honor societies. The objectives of Omicron Delta Epsilon are recognition of scholastic attainment and the honoring of outstanding achievements in economics; the establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics within colleges and universities, and among colleges and universities; the publication of its official journal, The American Economist ; and sponsoring of panels at professional meetings as well as the Irving Fisher and Frank W. Taussig competitions.