Senior Projects 2016

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Boben, Brittany:  Stock Price Movements: A Case Study of T-Mobile

Bolen, Matthew: A Comparison of Public and Private Electric Distribution Utilities in Pennsylvania

Brosius, Cara: Rising Health Care Expenditures in the United States: An Analysis of Contributing Factors and Discussion of the Affordable Care Act

Comiske, David:  Safety in Shipyards: An Exploration of Management Techniques

Cuellar, Daniela:  Why have Brazil and the United States not pursued a Free Trade Agreement? A Brazilian Perspective

Davis, Benjamin:   Disrupting the Automotive Industry: A Case Study of Tesla Motors

Deichler, Nicholas: How Does the Competitiveness of Professional Sports Affect the Economy?

Druckniak, Maria: Regional Variations in the Gender Pay Gap Among United States Medical Professionals

Egan, Mark: Can College Correctional Education Improve Prisoners’ Wellbeing?

Fillippa, Chelsea: How Super Bowl Advertising Affects Company Stock Prices

Harvey, Zach: Effect of the Highest Paid Player’s Age on Team Success in the NFL 

Herlitzka, Alison: Why Is the Price of Higher Education Increasing?

Hodgens, Keith: The Impact of Right-to-Carry Laws on Violent Crime Rates

Holland, Brian: The Efficiency of Sports Gambling Markets: A Case Study of College Football

Hudac, Zachary: The Effects of Professional Sports on Alcohol Sales and Crime Rates

Koryak, Christopher: The Attendance Effect of Rookie Position Players in Major League Baseball 

Lasher, James: Managerial Constraint and Gross Profit Volatility in Automobile Manufacturing: An Analysis of the United States, Germany, and Japan

Li, Tianzhu: How do different college majors affect earnings after graduation in U.S.?


Malone, Devin: The Economic and Cultural Impact of the Recreational Marijuana Market in Colorado, Washington, and Uruguay

Manning, Thomas: Does International Trade Affect Economic Growth?

Marks, Alexander: Socio-Economic Determinants of FIFA Rankings

McGowan, Anne: Does Admission Selectivity Impact U.S. Colleges’ Federal Student Loan Default Rates?

McMillan, Matthew: The Impact of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban on Minority and Low-Income Gun Ownership

Meiran, Michael: The Economic Sustainability of United States Fisheries

Moller, Sarah: What Affects Declining Voter Turnout in the United States and Will Policies Help to Increase Turnout?

Morton, Lucas: Factors of NHL Attendance: Relocation and Expansion

Nero, James: The Economic Cost and Ethics of Tommy John Surgery in Major League Baseball

Pickett, Robert: What is the Economic Value of Tiger Woods?

Ramos, Eduardo: First-Generation College Students And the correlation of the Human Capital Theory

Ramsdell, Steven: Nationality Discrimination in the Labor Market of Major League Soccer: A Market Test

Russell, Hannah: The Latin American Oil Industry: An Analysis of Economic and Social Growth

Samuel, Taylor: Can the Samaritan’s Dilemma help predict outcomes in natural disasters?

Schweitzer, Evan: Interest Rate Swaps: A Hedge or Bet? A Case of American Colleges

Stolar, Cody: NFL Player Trade and Acquisition Effects on Jersey Sales

Talerico, Sam: How Technology Affects Work-Life Balance 

Thomas, Rachel: The Effects of Increased Minimum Wage on Income Inequality

Wallace, Rachel: Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Company Performance

Webber, Nathaniel: Determinants of Military Spending

Weltner, Casey: The Effects of Poverty and Unemployment on Colombian Crime Rates Due to Illegal Job Alternatives

Wolf, Everett: Economic Viability of Water Desalination in the California Water Market