Senior Projects

The Senior Project is a significant piece of scholarly research that provides all Allegheny students the opportunity to showcase their academic training. To prepare, first-year students write, speak, and research in their first-year seminars. During their sophomore and junior years, they practice writing, speaking, and economic analysis in their FS201s and other classes within the department. All economics majors take a capstone seminar during the first semester of their senior year. In this seminar, students develop a Senior Project topic, conduct preliminary research, and write a preliminary draft of a chapter. During the second semester of their senior year, students conduct further research, complete the written project, and defend it. Students find their Senior Projects open many doors, including opportunities for graduate school and employment.

Senior Projects that recently earned department honors:

  • The Determinants of Childhood Obesity: Child, Parental, Social, and Regional Influences
  • The Cost of Community: Do Neighborhoods Affect Disease-Causing Socialization?
  • The Link between Workplace Wellness and Strategy: A Case Study of Johnson & Johnson
  • The Effects of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations on Team Finances and Competitive Balance in the English Premier League
  • The Social and Economic Determinants of Gentrification
  • E-commerce Retail Market Structure and Price Dispersion

Student Resources

Senior Project Dates/Deadlines Fall 2022 & Spring 2023
Senior Project Guidelines
Page Numbering Instructions/Cover/Title Page
Form to request funding for research
Instructions for printing your comp
Comp Print Request form

It is now a requirement that your Senior Project be uploaded to D-Space,  This enables the College to include the student’s comp in the College’s Senior Project Archives, and with the student’s approval, made available to the public and or members of the campus community.
All instructions and Permission forms will be found here.  Deadline to submit is May 2, 2022.

Project Titles/Abstracts:

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  • 2017