Senior Projects 2015

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Aurin, Megan:  Zara and Velvet: A Fashion Expansion in the United States and Historical Spanish Style

Bailey, HunterHow Does Food Availability Affect Food Selection?

Blashford, Bailey:  The Small School on the World Stage: An Analysis of Online International Recruiting Strategies for Private Liberal Arts Institutions

Bluedorn, Mackenzie:  The Cost of Community: Do Neighborhoods Affect Disease-Causing Socialization?

Bober, Thomas:  Impact of NFL Team Intelligence on Overall Team Performance

Boyd, Jonathan   Sinaloa DTO and Los Zetas: Organizational Structure and Violence as Profit Maximizing Strategies

Bronson, Adam:  Foreign Born vs. Native Born Players in the NBA: An Analysis of Wage Discrimination

Cooke, Phoenix:  21st Century Inequality and Property Crime within U.S Neighborhoods: Does Local Inequality Translate into Increased Levels of Property Crime from 2000 to 2010?

Cooper, Sarah:  A Shift Toward a Cashless Economy: An Empirical Analysis

Cseh, Janos:   Art and Contracts: Bilateral Contracting in the New York Art Gallery Market

Dawida, Joseph:   Evaluating the Choice between Schooling and On-The-Job Training for MLB Prospects

Delzer, Victoria:  The Link between Workplace Wellness and Strategy: A Case Study of Johnson & Johnson

Donatelli, Erik:  The Effects of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations on Team Finances and Competitive Balance in the English Premier League

Emigh, Derrick:  The Marcellus Shale Industry: Impact on Single-Family Home Prices in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Fajardo, Neil:  Has Labor Parity Been Achieved?: Asian Women and White Women

Fey, Steven:  The Social and Economic Determinants of Gentrification

Fleming, Todd:  Understanding the Economic & Managerial Dynamics of New Industries: A Case Study of Tesla Motors

Fox, AllisonThe Function of Congestion Tax Revenue Recycling

Glenn, Raysean:   The Effect of Education on Crime: A Look at State Recidivism Rates

Hebert, Hanna:   The Relationship between Corporate Environmental Performance and Corporate Financial Performance: An Empirical Analysis of 50 U.S. Corporations

Hollinger, Nicholas:  The Effects of the Natural Gas Boom in PA in Regards to Wage and Labor

Hurtuk, Alexander:   Competitive Balance in the National Basketball Association

Jamerson, Leslie-Paul:   Determinants of Success within the Fashion Industry: A Case Study of Buscemi & American Apparel

Jones, Patrick:   How the Natural Gas Industry Affects Income and Employment in Pennsylvania Counties

Jorgenser, Eric:  An Investigation on Farmer Suicide Rates in India

Jozwiak, Raymond:   Identifying the Causal Factors that Affect the Industrial Organization of Primary Aluminum Smelters Across the Globe: An In-Depth Analysis

Keenen, Ashley:   The Effects of Tariffs on the Economy of the United States

Krason, Kasandra:   Technological Strategies of High-Tech Firms: A Case Study of General Electric and Siemens AG

Kukunas, Stephen:   The Effects of Insurance as an Employer Provided Fringe Benefit on Wages

Laurune, Lauren :  The Effects of Market Structure and Business Strategy on the Performance of Regional Banks

Lemmon, Audra:   E-commerce Retail Market Structure and Price Dispersion

Lindberg, Jillian:   An Analysis of Gender Discrimination in Spain

Marino, Romulus:   Sabermetrics, Salary Arbitration, and Possible Wage Discrimination in the MLB

McGeehan, Adam:   Does Prison Management Type Have an Effect on Recidivism?

Meltzer, Scott:   Do Profit Sharing Plans affect Productivity?

Miley, Patrick:  Ascending From the Deep: The Emergence of Bitcoin from Obscurity

Morris, Clayton The Effects of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations on Team Finances and Competitive Balance in the English Premier League

Niklaus, Andrew:   The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Equity Returns: A Contrast Between Active and Passive Management

Novak, Rebecca: Is it Profitable to be Ethical?

Parke, Jamie:  Non-Governmental Organizations’ and Social Media Or:( How To Make The Most Of What You Post)

Persaud, Abishai:   South Korea’s Departure from Corporate Welfare Interventionism and the Recovery of Chaebols

Valentic, Josh:  Identifying Inefficiencies in the Fantasy Football Labor Market

Vallano, Gregory An Exploration of the Competitive Advantage of Integrated Delivery Systems in the Healthcare Industry

Wach, Stefano:  The Effects of the UEFA Champions League Upon the Competitive Balance of the Barclay’s Premier League

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