Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Lauren Laurune

Lauren Laurune ’15

  • Global Rotational Development Associate
  • BNY Mellon
  • Pittsburgh, PA and NYC
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: English Writing

“The Allegheny Department of Economics prepared me for the business world not only through a well rounded curriculum, but through incorporating writing and speaking skills into my economics education. During my time at Allegheny, I learned valuable lessons through my classes, professors, and my comping experience. I feel confident going into the workplace with critical thinking and leadership skills that I developed as a student in the Department of Economics.”

Patrick Cole

Patrick Cole ’14

  • Junior Digital Media Analyst
  • Team Detroit
  • Livonia, MI
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: Mathematics

“The professors in the Department of Economics successfully prepared me for my first job.  Without having any previous advertising agency experience, the classes equipped me with the essential skills to find a job and succeed.  The Managerial Track challenges students with in-class discussions and homework assignments including real-world scenarios, the application of economic theories, and public speaking which all translate to the workplace.  The phenomenal guidance from the professors gave me an immediate advantage that very few students have, and it has greatly helped in my career.”


Trevor Colvin

Trevor Colvin ’14

  • Financial Analyst – Finance Management Rotation (FMR) Program
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: Religious Studies

“. . . I was able to build a strong network of alumni and develop as a professional allowing me to have a job offer entering into my senior year.  The Department of Economics at Allegheny challenges students to look at concepts from multiple perspectives and think critically beyond their college years.”


Jordan El-Sabeh

Jordan El-Sabeh ’14

  • Junior Investment Performance Associate
  • Cambridge Associates
  • Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: Communication Arts

“The economics department introduced me to a wide variety of coursework that is applicable to my career in the financial industry.  I was also fortunate to become familiar with entrepreneurship through the Gator Innovation Challenge, develop essential research and writing skills with my senior project, and improve my analytical skills with statistics courses.  The Department of Economics’ considerable focus on career advancement and networking heavily contributed to my success landing a job after graduation.”


Paul Teufel

Paul Teufel ’14

  • CORE Associate (Corporate Rotational Experience including Commercial Banking)
  • F.N.B. Corporation
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: Environmental Writing

“The professors in the Department of Economics give their students an advantage by tying real world events to theory, and by encouraging students to discuss these ideas in the classroom.  This creates graduates who are comfortable and articulate at the meeting table.  The curriculum also requires frequent writing and presenting – practice from which I have already benefited in my career.”


Ethan Winter

Ethan Winter ’14

  • Pricing Analyst
  • US Cargo
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: Writing

“Looking back, the most influential moment for me at Allegheny was when I finished my Independent Study during my senior year.  I was encouraged to pursue the topic of eSports Analysis by Professor Russell Ormiston and I could not be more grateful.  The study later served as the centerpiece of multiple interviews and secured me my current position with US Cargo.  Although the topic of the analysis has changed, I know for certain that my Independent Study prepared me the most for my career now.  I strongly encourage every student to do the same, and pursue your desires within an Independent Study.”


Noelle Brouillard

Noelle Brouillard ’13

  • International Management Student
  • Masters Degree Program
  • University of Exeter, England
  • Double Major:
    • Economics, Managerial Track
    • Spanish

“My managerial economics background could not have prepared me better for this master’s degree program as so many different components within this course relate back to strategy, demand forecasting, human resource strategy, value chain activities, Porter’s five forces, and many other topics.  Not only do I have an economics view on the subject matter we discuss, but I also am able to relate to the strategic content as well.  Most of my classmates do not have this advantage.  The Managerial Economics Track that Allegheny offers is such a valuable course of study, especially for anyone who is looking to further pursue any business program.”


Anthony DeStefano

Anthony DeStefano ’13

  • Store Leader Training Program
  • Giant Eagle Corp.
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major:  Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor:  Communication Arts

“Professor Ormiston taught many concepts in Advanced Managerial Economics that are applicable and relevant to my position and the retail industry, such as economic competition and game theory.  The knowledge gained from Allegheny has helped me become a strong and confident manager.”



Stephanie Mancine ’13

  • Business Analyst
  • The Hill Group Inc.
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major:   Political Science
  • Minors: Communication Arts and History

“Due to Allegheny College’s unique course structure I was able to take additional courses outside of my major and minors.  The courses I took in the Economics department were some of the most influential in my life after Allegheny.  Topics covered in Financial Literacy, taught by Professor Chris Allison, equipped me with the necessary tools to navigate my personal finances after college.  Each and every class covered topics that are applicable to my daily life, from basic competencies around retirement planning to interest rates on student loans.  Professor Allison taught relevant information that provided the essentials for making wise financial decisions and gaining financial freedom.”


Devone McLeod

Devone McLeod ’13

  • Licensed Relationship Manager
  • KeyCorp
  • New York, NY
  • Major:   Economics
  • Minor:   Black Studies

“Allegheny’s economics curriculum taught me to be a better critical thinker which has been an important part of my career thus far.  Since graduation I understand more that employers reward individuals that add value by proactively identifying problems and solving them.  Economics students at Allegheny are able to enhance their abilities with professors that allow them to apply theory to real world examples.  Besides the academic component, staff members such as Professor Allison have done an amazing job around employment readiness with topics such as dress for success and interview techniques.  These tools are what allowed me to be offered my first job before graduation as a senior and I am one example of a strong network of recent graduates who can say the same.”


Ian Moore

Ian Moore ’13

  • Graduate Student
  • Masters of Human Resources and Labor Relations
  • Michigan State University
  • HRDP Associate (Human Resourced Development Program)
  • McKesson Corporation
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Major:   Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor:   Art History

“The Managerial Economics Track at Allegheny provided me with an excellent foundation in both graduate school and an early career.  I have found that the combination of expertise in economic principles and data interpretation capabilities makes the graduates of the program unique and desirable candidates in the labor market.  In a business climate rapidly shifting toward big data, analytical skills cannot be overstated.  Being able to apply these skills to real time business decisions in a meaningful way not only distinguishes our graduates from their peers, but will become a key driver to their success.  The greater focus on liberal arts Allegheny provides, coupled with the emphasis on written and oral communication development, has placed me in a superior position in a business environment.  The unique education and background I have received from the Managerial Track at Allegheny has given me a huge advantage to achieve success from the start of my career.”


Phil Morrissette

Phil Morrissette ’13

  • Asset Management
  • PNC
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • MBA ’16
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Major:  Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor:  Biology

“The challenging curriculum at Allegheny and the Economics Department allowed me to take away intangible qualities for success not necessarily given in a diploma.  I feel lucky to have met and built a working relationship with Professor Allison.  He has been a huge help in giving his insights on career advancement, as well as opening up his network to help students after college.  His classes have not only been intriguing but have proven to be very beneficial and relatable to life after college.”


Brittany Traynor

Brittany Traynor ’13

  • Tax Analyst
  • BNY Mellon
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major:    Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minors:  Communication Arts and Religious Studies

“Following the Managerial Economics Track at Allegheny allowed me to not only build a sound foundation in the business world, but to grow professionally as well.  The Economics Department at Allegheny allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, ask questions along the way, and get my ‘foot in the door’ professionally.  As a freshman, I interned with BNY Mellon in the Tax Research & Compliance group where I would eventually be offered a full time position.  I was offered my full time position going into my senior year at Allegheny.  I strongly recommend that any student at Allegheny, whether a freshman or senior, take advantage of the numerous internships available.  It is never too early to start networking and build your career.”


Anulekha Venkatram

Anulekha (Anu) Venkatram ’13

  • Associate Product Manager
  • ALM Media, LLC
  • New York, NY
  • Major:  English
  • Minor:  Economics

“Looking back, the most influential moment for me at Allegheny was when I took my first Managerial Economics class.  It was hands down the best real-world experience I could have had as a college student.  In starting a business with my classmates, I learned exactly what it meant to take calculated risks and that to be successful, you need to create value.  For instance, as a business owner, you have to focus on how your product will add value to your customer.  Or, as an employee, you need to think about how you will add value to your organization.  The knowledge I gleaned from that class has definitely given me a huge advantage professionally and in my current role managing and developing products.”


Hallie Dilley

Hallie Dilley ’12

  • Assistant Professor
  • Santa Fe College
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Majors:
    • Economics, Managerial Track
    • Mathematics
  • Master’s Degree, Mathematics ’14
  • University of Florida

“As a double major at Allegheny College, I was very interested in applying my knowledge of mathematics to the real world.  The Department of Economics helped tremendously in this pursuit.  During my junior year, I was able to network with an Allegheny alumna and member of the Board of Trustees, through whom I landed an internship centered around economic litigation in Boston, MA.  Furthermore, Professor Casler’s course entitled ‘The Math Approach to Economics’ helped spark my interest in the mathematical theory behind economic models.  From this course, and with the help of other faculty members, I was able to research this topic further and incorporate a mathematical chapter into my senior comprehensive project.  Overall, the opportunities that the Department of Economics provided helped greatly towards my success upon graduation.”


Rob Hippert

Rob Hippert ’12

  • Account Analyst
  • Henderson Brothers, Inc.
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major:   Economics
  • Minor:   Communication Arts

“My studies in economics at Allegheny not only provided the knowledge necessary to enter the workforce, but more importantly provided the ability to learn the skills necessary to become successful in the insurance industry.  The variety of different courses offered and the diversity of the professors’ backgrounds in the economics department are truly a valuable resource that Allegheny offers.  Even though my career path is just beginning, I already realize I am very grateful for what the Department of Economics has provided.”



Taylor Wendaur ’11

  • Product Specialist
  • BST Global
  • Tampa, FL
  • Major:  Economics
  • Minor:  English

“While the coursework pertaining to my economics degree reinforced the skills that attract the interest of employers, the professors and their leadership are what primed me for exponential growth in my current role.  Aside from quantifiable, hard skills the economics professors teach, I feel most fortunate for developing the discipline to see a learning curve through to completion.”


Nicole Buckle

Nicole Buckle ’10

  • Senior Actuarial Analyst
  • Towers Watson
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Majors:
    • Economics, Managerial Track
    • Mathematics

“The economics department at Allegheny provided me with a great basis for my position as a senior actuarial analyst.  The professors and coursework taught me skills and ways of thinking that easily translate into those used in my career.  In addition, many of the courses offered by the economics department satisfy some of the requirements to obtain actuarial credentials.  Through the encouragement, teachings and support of my professors at Allegheny, I was able to prepare for and find a summer internship that has turned into a long term career.”


Ashley Miller Sharrow

Ashley (Miller) Sharrow ’10

  • Business Analyst
  • PPG Industries, Inc.
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Majors:
    • Economics
    • Spanish

“The real world application of economics topics in all of the classes I took gave me a head start in understanding the industry in which I work.  The skills I gained in the way the courses are structured in the economics department, and at Allegheny as a whole, have really been crucial to my career success.  The courses in the Economics Department encouraged me to think critically and creatively as well as develop problem solving skills, all of which are a must in today’s changing business climate of finding new ways to cut costs, while delivering still better results.  Also, all of the economics courses I took were very interactive and discussion based, helping me to develop the skills to communicate effectively in a professional environment.”


Erie Sharrow

Eric Sharrow ’10

  • Intermediate Financial Analyst
  • UPMC
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Majors:  Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor:    French

“The Department of Economics at Allegheny was instrumental in helping me to develop the critical thinking skills that I employ every day at work.  In each class, we were encouraged to “think outside the box,” and express our thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely.  These skills have carried over into my career, and I believe they are the differentiating factor between myself and others in my peer group.  Allegheny gave me the courage and confidence to speak up and express myself, which has become a solid foundation for my career.”


Steve Suchora

Steve Suchora ’10

  • Innovation Consultant
  • Boeing
  • Charleston, SC
  • Major:    Economics
  • Minors:  Biology, Psychology

“Everyone in Allegheny’s Economics Department was always very encouraging and willing to help.  My professors took a genuine interest in me as a person and as a student.  The entrepreneurship courses I took while attending Allegheny changed my life.  I presented a business plan as the final project for Entrepreneurship I and both Professors John Golden and Chris Allison encouraged me to compete in multiple business plan competitions with that plan.  Through their guidance and mentorship, I was successful in all of them and in 2009 founded Calc-Tech LLC, a company that makes software for graphing calculators to help students on standardized tests.  Those experiences, together with the academic experiences I gained through my other economics coursework, have greatly and positively impacted my career.  I would not be where I am today without Professor Golden, Professor Allison, and my other economics professors who all deeply care about student success.


Christopher Cantwell

Christopher Cantwell ’09

  • Manager, Finance and Revenue Cycle
  • UPMC
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major:    Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor:    Religious Studies

“Allegheny College and the Department of Economics helped me grow as a student, a professional, and a person.  I had devoted faculty willing to educate and guide me on every project, both large and small, so that I would leave the College with the fundamental building blocks to start a career.  Along the way, I was able to personalize my work into areas I was interested in and have two different internships that furthered my education, but also taught me about what I wanted to find in a career.  The challenging workload of Allegheny and the emphasis on learning beyond the textbook in the Department of Economics were my personal launching pads to finding success after college.”


Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones ’08

  • Senior Consultant, Strategy & Operations
  • Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Austin, TX
  • MBA, 2014, University of Texas
  • Major: Economics, Managerial Track
  • Minor: Music

“For me, success in business (and life) has been based on my ability to think critically, act independently, and communicate effectively with the world around me.  My time at Allegheny was critical in developing these skills.  Time spent with all of the economics and music professors, and my senior project were all influential experiences that permanently shaped who I am today.”

Economics Alumni

The Economics major is unique in the wide variety of business, research and policy positions available to students upon graduation.  The following is a partial list of Economics alumni and the positions they hold:

Kelli Lindstrom ’17, Financial Analyst, Wells Fargo

Evan Schweitzer ’15,  Analyst, Cornerstone Research

Raymond Jozwiak ’14,  Global Procurement Manager, Cunningham Lindsey

Alexandra (Allie) Tobias ’14,  Fiduciary Advisor, Hawthorn, PNC Bank’s Private Family Office

Nicole Buckle ’10, Actuary Associate, Towers Watson, Pittsburgh, PA

Aarish Riaz ’10, Data Research Specialist, FedSources, Washington, DC

Ron Deems ’09, Financial Analyst, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Amanda Jones ’08, Manager, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting, Cleveland, OH

Andrea Kessler ’08, Vice President, Clinical Strategy & Integration at Indiana University Health

Andrew Pugliese ’06, Policy Analyst, USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC

Stacy (Monarko) Leidwinger ’04, Senior Director of Product Management, Vivisimo Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Faraz Latif ’03, Director, TNT Express Worldwide, Pakistan

Joshua Six ’01, Steelers Sponsorship Manager, Clear Channel Sports Marketing, Pittsburgh, PA

Jennifer Scheller Newman ’00, Attorney, Environment and Natural Resources Division, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC

Jennifer Daurora ’99, Business Development Analyst, McGinnis Sister’s Special Food Stores, Pittsburgh, PA

Bryan Ignozzi ’94, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, San Francisco, CA

Julie Stanier Greenberg ’93, Associate Attorney, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Pittsburgh, PA

Rozlyn Lipsey ’92, CEO, Jokake Construction, Phoenix, AZ

Jason New ’91, Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Corporation, New York, NY

David Wood ’91, Vice President, Kirtland Capital Partners, Cleveland, OH

Timothy Clift ’90, Chief Investment Strategist, Envestnet/PMC, Boston, MA

Anthony James Powell ’90, Managing Director, Knowledge Capital Group, LLC, Charleston, SC

Thomas Sung Chen ’89, Senior Managing Director/Investment Banking, Guggenheim Securities, LLC New York, NY

John Gregory ’89, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC

Scott Oehrle ’89, Managing Principal & Founder, Marbury Wealth Management, Pittsburgh, PA

Sean Ward ’89, Partner, Blue Point Capital Partners, Cleveland, OH

Mark Maruszewski ’88, Partner, StepStone Group LLC, New York, NY

Jerry O’Dwyer ’88, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, Cleveland, OH

John M. Bongiovanni ’87, Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual, Erie, PA

Kalee Talvitie-Brown ’87, Director, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, London, England

Gil Ha ’86, Managing Director, Greenhill & Co., LLC, New York, NY

Noelwah Netusil ’86, Stanley H. Cohn Professor of Economics, Reed College, Portland OR

Bruce Thompson ’86, CFO, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

Ron Beegle ’85, Founding Partner, Goode Partners, Pasadena, CA

Debra Durr Ladley ’85, Director of Finance & Operations, Durr Marketing Associates, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Steve McGill ’85, Senior Vice President, Xl Capital Ltd, Paris, France, and Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Baird ’84, President & CEO, SRG Global, Inc., Warren, MI

Bill Demchak ‘84, CEO, PNC Financial Services Group, Pittsburgh, PA

Gary Beyer ’82, Managing Director, Global Head of Relationship Management, Deutsche Bank, New York, NY

Michael Long ’82, Managing Director, Prudential Financial Services Newark, NJ

Marc E. Schmittlein ’82, President & CEO of select accounts, small commercial division & agribusiness, The Travelers Companies, Inc. Hartford, CT

Terrence Hartford ’81, Senior Vice President, Allegheny Technologies, Pittsburgh PA

William Fertig ’78, Co-Chair & Chief Investment Officer, Context Capital Management, Stamford, CT

Michael Bruno ’77, Managing Partner, Stonebridge Partners, White Plains, NY

Paul Franz ’77, COO, Carolinas Healthcare System, Charlotte, NC

Karen Ubelhart ’77, Consultant-Equity Research, Bloomberg L.P. New York, NY

David Malone ’76, President & CEO, Gateway Financial Group, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

John Orehek ’76, CEO, Security Properties, Inc., Seattle, WA

Anthony J. Sanzo ’76, president and CEO, TeleTracking Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA

Nicholas T. Spina, Jr. ’76, Partner, Ernst & Young, Atlanta, GA

Roger Tufts ’75, senior economic advisor, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC

Gary Brost ’74, President, Strategic Investments and Holdings, Buffalo, NY

William C. Erbey ‘71, Chairman/President/CEO, Ocwen Financial Corporation, Frederiksted, VI