EL Seminar Loan Information

2018 EL Seminar Loan Information

Students can apply for a loan to cover the cost of the seminar, spending money and deposit.

  • In early October,¬†a signup sheet for appointments will be available in the Financial Aid Office located in Reis Hall to discuss your loan options in person.
  • Visit www.elmselect.com for a comparison listing of private loan lenders. You are not limited to these lenders; you may use any lender of your choice. Students may not be approved for a private student loan if they have had issues in the past with loan approval or apply on their own.
  • Make sure your spring tuition has been paid in full. Once your loan has been posted to your account, existing charges such as fees or fines will be paid first. This may reduce the amount of spending money available for the seminar. You can request a refund check through your web adviser account.
  • There are no scholarship opportunities available¬†through the Financial Aid Office for the EL seminars.