Employee Recognition

Honoring Retirements, Service, and Award Recipients
for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Retiree Honors

Linda Radecki

Feisty, yet generous. Caring, yet firm. Determined, independent, and productive. These words describe Linda and her approach to her position at Allegheny. Linda managed most of LITS’s student workforce, approximately 50 students a year. Many of those students found a reliable, compassionate, energetic ally in Linda. The students learned from Linda, shared with Linda, cared for Linda. Linda led them with kindness. Not a pushover, she worked intimately with the students to ensure they learned valuable work and life skills. She always strove to find a positive resolution to every situation.

Linda has an incredible memory and ability to recall information, and these skills proved invaluable in her job at Pelletier Library. Her knowledge of Allegheny and fantastic memory saved us enormous amounts of frustration and hours.

LITS wishes nothing but the best retirement for Linda. We miss her deeply.

Aimee Reash
Director of Public Services
Library and Information Technology Services

Audrey Onspaugh

Having worked with Audrey Onspaugh for over 15 years, I can attest to her being one of Allegheny College’s treasures. She knew just about everyone on campus and had many student friends as well. In fact, many students would interview her as part of student projects, even senior comprehensive projects. They admired her wisdom as well as her historical knowledge about the College and Meadville.

Her attention to detail was valuable in all her administrative duties. In fact, she took great pride when Dance & Movement Studies was the first program to have all our RSEs turned in to the Registrar’s Office. When I arrived to Allegheny as Director of Dance Studies in 2004, Audrey taught me many of the ins and outs of how things get done. Audrey may hold the record for having worked at Allegheny longer than anyone.

Eleanor Weisman
Associate Professor, Dance and Movement Studies

Kathy Symons

Kathy Symons was a dedicated voice teacher in the Music Department and was much loved by her students! In addition to teaching applied voice lessons to students of all levels, she also taught Class Voice and Basics of Music Notation for many years, and in so doing introduced numerous students to what was often their first experience with reading and/or performing music. Her kindness and generosity of spirit is already much missed in Arnold Hall!

Jennifer Dearden
Associate Professor, Music

Robert L. Telliho

Bob Telliho started working at Allegheny College as a member of the Grounds Crew in 1998. Over his 20 plus years, he spent countless hours on the lawn mower, plowing snow and helping out in many other areas within Physical Plant. Bob was an essential part of the set up crew for many events and his institutional knowledge of annual events helped maintain a cohesive process. He even spent many hours painting in his last few years as people were asked to help out in other areas of the maintenance department. It was his dedication to his job that help make the campus look as good as it has for many years. Bob’s willingness to work hard and his good sense of humor, will definitely be missed around Physical Plant. Retirement will provide Bob the ability to spend more time doing some of the things that he loves to do, like fishing, hunting and just enjoying the outdoors.

Doug Varee
Grounds Supervisor

Patricia Rutledge

Patricia embodied the true essence of Unusual Combinations at Allegheny. She was a social scientist, a talented painter, and a world traveler. She was often heard practicing her french in the halls with faculty and students. Patricia engaged in academic life as we do and had a very active program of research on alcohol use among young adults. During her time at Allegheny she published multiple papers with faculty and students. Patricia served on numerous college and departmental committees including the college Assessment Committee and she was Chair of the Psychology Department until she retired. We are thankful for her service to the Psychology Department and to the college. Her kindness and generosity will be missed in Carnegie Hall.

Sarah M. Conklin
Associate Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience

Robert Hancock

Robert was one of a kind! He taught statistics for the Psychology Department. Robert was beloved by students for his Hawaiian shirt collection which he proudly wore almost everyday no matter how cold it was outside. Robert was a dedicated and supportive fan of athletics at Allegheny. His office was decorated with beautiful paintings that he painted in France and he had a laugh that filled any room. His sense of humor, and generosity will be missed in Carnegie Hall!

Sarah M. Conklin
Associate Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience

Employees with
25 Years of Service

Thomas Leech
Tamara Lakins
Tammy Steinfath

Recipients of the Robert T. Sherman Distinguished Service Award

Audrey Onspaugh
Kelly Boulton