Energy and Society Program

Chinese Energy Policy, Tabs, and History

Both Chinese Energy Policy and History sections have been updated. Sadly the tab system appears to be down for the time being, so the site is still difficult to navigate.

But Chinese Energy Policy now has a substantial amount of sources. I will continue to add to and revise this section in the coming days, but these resources should be sufficient for the time being.

As such my focus is now likely being split to include the Chinese Energy Policy course, an unnamed political science course focusing on the effects of energy on Middle-Eastern society/government, and the History Department.

Chinese Energy Policy Added

Under the heading Curriculum Development, Political Science, I’ve added a section entitled Chinese Energy Policy.

This section includes a list of resources that might be useful in creating a class or component of a class focused on Chinese energy policy.

Expect frequent updates to the section over the next couple days.

Also the Political Science page under Curriculum Development has been updated to include a short description of the purpose of studying Chinese energy policy and to include a brief introduction to the second course we have interest developing, which is tentatively focused on the effect of energy on Middle Eastern society.

New section added.

The front page has been updated, now with pictures.

Purpose of the webpage

This page will provide the bulk of updates on the development of a program in Energy and Society at Allegheny College. It will be updated to keep up with the progress of Professor Maniates and myself on the program’s creation, and may serve as the primary means of communication between those interested in the project and those of us closely tied to its progress. Currently the page features a brief explanation of the purpose and value of an Energy and Society program at Allegheny, as envisioned by Professor Maniates and myself.

Over time this page will serve as a jumping point for interested professors and others around the college to find the resources we have collected on the subject of Energy and Society. Over the next few days I intend to be updating the page with a few curricular opportunities, and some resources related to them. Each department will have its own tab, which will have links to various resources organized into more specific criteria. When these tabs are updated I’ll make sure to add a blog post, so any interested parties should be sure to RSS the blog section of the page.