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English majors are required to have a GPA of at least 2.0 in English at graduation. All English courses taken at Allegheny on a letter-grade basis are included in the calculation, with the exception of repeated courses, for which only the most recent grade counts. At least 10 courses, including the Junior Seminar and Senior Project, must be taken on the letter-grade basis; additional courses may be taken Credit/No Credit, though the department recommends that the number of such courses be kept to a minimum.

A major in English leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Two tracks are available within the major, the standard English major and one with an emphasis on creative writing.


The major in English requires 40-48 semester credit hours. Majors must take:

ENGL 110 - Introduction to Literary Studies ENGL 110 is a prerequisite for all literature courses above the 200 level and for creative writing courses at all levels.
FSENG 201 - Communication in a Discipline: English
ENGL 201 - Studies in Early British Literature

At Least One English Course at the 300-level

At Least One English Course at the 400-level

At Least Two Courses in Literature After 1800

At Least One Course (in addition to ENGL 201) in literature prior to 1800:

Courses that satisfy the pre-1800 requirement include ENGL 212, ENGL 311, ENGL 385, ENGL 415, ENGL 425, ENGL 426, and ENGL 435. Other appropriate topics, courses or seminars may satisfy the requirement, subject to approval by the advisor and the department chair.

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