1985-1991 Senior Projects

First Name Last Name Title Year Keywords Advisor
Shawn Amy The Effects of Calcium Oxalate on Near-Tree Soil pH and Buffering Capacity 1991 fungi, oxalic acid, nutrient cycling, calcium oxalate, soil pH Eric Pallant
Jason Bablak Biouptake of Trichloroethylene in Lumbricus terrestris 1989 trichloroethylene Eric Pallant
Jennifer Archacki The Inadequacies of Federal Legislation: the Toxic Chemical Dilemma 1987 toxic, chemicals, epa, regulation, toxic substance control act of 1976, tsca
David Baumgarten The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Beverage Container Recycling Study: An Assessment of the Status of Beverage Container Recycling for Proper Policy Implementation in New Jersey 1989 new jersey, recycling
Kristin Buhn The Importance of Snags, Riffles, and Pools to Aquatic Invertebrates in Cussewago Creek 1991 cussewago creek, stream ecology
Marie Brill Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris): The Effect of Tree Age on Soil pH 1989 soil, pH
Tanya Boyle The Impact of Organic Matter and Nitrogen Additions on Nitrogen-Fixation in the Rhizophere of a Constructed Salt Marsh 1991 salt marsh, nitrogen, wetland
Douglas Blue Federal Facility Non-Compliance with Environmental Law: An Administrative Proposal 1990 epa
Karen Brody Water Pollution Due to Salt Storage 1982 hartstown, groundwater, ground water, chloride, contamination
Dawn Capela Assessment of Lead Uptake by Earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) in Lead-Contaminated Soil 1987 earthworms, lead, soil
James Cessna An Analysis of the Solid Waste Disposal System in Crawford County, Pennsylvania 1988 solid waste
Robin Clark A Comparison of the Kick Screen and the D-Frame Net for Sampling Macroinvertebrates in Water Quality Surveys 1985 macroinvertebrate, water quality
Sean Clayton A Study of the Valuation of Environmental Activities as Expressed by Citizens of Nutter Fort, Harrison Coungy, West Virginia 1990 commodities, policy
Brian Currie An Environmental and Political Evaluation of Legislation in the 100th Congress Dealing with Great Lakes High Water Levels 1988 great lakes, flooding, legislation
Melissa Davidson Paper Recycling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: An Overview 1989 Recycling
Kirstin Dolan An Evaluation of the Site Features and Operating Procedures of the River Road Sanitary Landfill in Mercer County, Pennsylvania 1986 landfill, solid waste
Andrew Drake Capillary Rise of Chromium in Alden and Cambridge Silt Loams 1987 chromium, silt loam
James Drake Acidification and the Benthic Invertebrates of High Altitude Ponds in the Colorado Rockies 1989 acid rain, salamanders, invertebrates
Kristin Egers An Analysis of the Geochemical Interactions between K, Cu, Ca, Cr, and Fe Cations and Bentonite Clay in a Soil-Bentonite Slurry 1991 soil, water quality
John Ellermeyer A Hydrogeologic Study of the Middle Reach of Ben’s Run 1990 stream ecology
Edmund Endler The Environmental and Economic Impact of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Required by the Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, on Lake Erie, Presque Isle State Park, and the City of Erie, PA 1989 wastewater treatment facility, pollution control, water quality
Carlos Escalante The Effect of the Carbamate, Larvin, on the Survival and Growth of the Xanthid Mud-Crab, Rhithropanopeus harrisii 1991 larvin, pesticides, agriculture
John Elstner Evaluation of Ground Water Pollution Potential Near Meadville, Pennsylvania, Using DRASTIC 1988 groundwater, ground water, contamination, pollution, DRASTIC
Matthew Farley Has Unleaded Gasoline Made a Difference? An Analysis of Roadside Soils for Lead 1990 soil, emissions, automobiles Eric Pallant
Emily Foht An Environmental Awareness/Concern of the Allegheny College Campus 1991 awareness, surveys
Kimberly Fincher Land Use Study of Cussewago Creek Valley for Designation as Pastoral Scenic Waterway 1990 waterways, cussewago creek, land use Scott Wissinger
A. Scott Foley A Practical Guide to Residential Heat Conservation in the Tri-State Area of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio 1985 energy, energy crisis
Richard Frey The Importance of Habitat Quantity on Waterfowl at the Erie National Wildlife Refuge and the Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area Crawford County, PA 1991 habitat, waterfowl populations Rich Bowden
Robert Frey Investigation into the Differences between Wetland Protection and Wetland Construction: Which Is Better Suited for Crawford County, PA 1991 wetland regulations, mitigation Rich Bowden
David Gallogly Assessment of the “Superfund” legislation and its application to two hazardous waste sites in western Pennsylvania 1985 superfund, solid waste, hazardous waste, brownfields Sam Harrison
Katherine Gannon Ecofeminist Theory: Alternative Solutions to the Global Population Problem 1991 population control, contraceptives, women’s studies Eric Pallant
Michael Gollub The Affects of pH on Caddisfly (Trichoptera: phryganeidae) Case Building for Possible Implementation Into a Continuous Monitoring System 1991 caddisfly, pH, acid rain Jim Palmer
Stephen Gould Home Insulation: An Evaluation of an Alternative to Depositing Non-Biodegradable Styrofoam Containers in Landfill Sites 1989 biodegradable, styrofoam, landfill, Sam Harrison
Derek Gregory Nonrenewable Energy Dependence in the United States Agricultural Sector, Population Growth and the Classical Economists’ Prophecy 1988 population control, malnutrition Ahmad Afrasiabi
Jennifer Hall Brazil: The Roots of Deforestation 1990 deforestation, rain forests
Gretchen Herron Ecological Barriers to Tropical Reforestation 1991 tropical reforestation, deforestation
Gwen Herron The Economic Feasibility of Small Scale Wind Power in Northwestern Pennsylvania 1986 wind power, energy, windmills Gigi Berardi
Mary Huston Legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America: Air Pollution, Acid Rain, and Forest Decline 1991 legislation, air pollution, acid rain, forests
Lawrence Jacobs Fine Root Dynamics in a Norway Spruce Stand 1990 soils
Farrokh Jahandari The influence of pH (of water) on uptake of heavy metals by rye (Secale cereale) 1987 acid rain Scott Wissinger
Mark Johnson 208 Planning as a Means to Control Ground Watter Pollution: A Perceived Failure with a Bright Future 1986 water quality Bob Seddig
Raymond Johnson Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Bentonite and Soil-Bentonite Mixtures with Na, Ca, Mn, Cu, Cr, and Fe Cations 1990 soils, bentonite Eric Pallant
Amy Kay Evaluation of Possible Sites for an Environmental Education Learning Center in Meadville with Suggestions for the Development of a Master Plan 1986 environmental education Sam Harrison
Jennifer Keenan Time for a change: Organic farming in Pennsylvania 1991 organic farming, agriculture Jim Palmer
John Kirk An Investigation of the Biodegradability of Cornstarch-Based Plastics 1991 biodegradable plastics Mark Lord
Raymond Kovacs The Determination of Mercury in Sediment Cores, Fields Brook, Ashtabula, Ohio 1987 mercury contamination
Kimberly Kroehle An Assessment of Public Concerns Involving the Proposed Erie Waste-to-Energy Plant 1987 waste, landfills
Deborah Kuempel Water Stress and the Accumulation of Nitrates in the Leaves of Vegetable Amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor) 1987 nitrates, agriculture, drought Sam Harrison
James Landmeyer Laboratory Study of Trichloroethylene Adsorption onto High Amounts of Soil Organic Matter in the Unsaturated Zone 1989 soils
Robert Lee An Analysis of Land and Management in the Allegheny National Forest 1987 forests, allegheny national forest
Maureen Leech The Effects of Soil pH on Calcium Content and the Correlation between Natural Acidity and Acid Rain 1989 soils, acid rain, calcium
Kyle Lengauer Investigation into the Change of Stream Morphology in Woodcock Creek, Crawford County, Pennsylvania 1990 stream morphology
Lori Lesney An Assessment of Groundwater Quality Beneath the Skeet and Trap Fields at the Meadville Sportsmen’s Club, Meadville, Pennsylvania 1988 groundwater, water quality Sam Harrison
Michael Lichte Effects of Acidified Water on Drift in Agnetina capitata Including 24 Hour Post Mortality Studies 1986 drift Paul Kotila
Amy Lowing Agricultural Preservation in Lancaster County, PA: Its Placement on the Agenda in the 1980’s, Who and What Put It There 1989 sustainable development Eric Pallant
Lisa Mack Pesticides in Children’s Food: An Attempt at Risk Assessment 1990 Pesticides Diane Kamola
Khushwant Mander The Distribution of Phosphorus Species in Lake Sediment Cores as a Tool for Paleolimnological Reconstruction 1991 Milt Ostrofsky
Paulette Mangarella Structural Change in the US Economy: a Perspective on Industrial Air Pollution Output, 1970 to 1982 1985 air quality, air pollution Stephen Casler
David Manning The Oil and Gas Act of 1984: An Analysis of Pennsylvania’s Attempt to Reduce Environmental Degradation Associated with Oil and Gas Production Activities 1986 Sam Harrison
Angela Mathur India: The Large Family Norm and Its Implications on Population Policy 1990 population
Kent McFarland The Effects of a Tornado Damaged Forest on the Channel Morphology, Macroinvertebrate Community, and the Physiochemistry of the Branch: A Second Order Stream in the Allegheny National Forest 1988 allegheny national forest, tornadoes, macroinvertebrates, stream channel morphology
Gregory McGee The Spatial Distribution of Phosphorus Species in Lake Sediments and Their Application as a Lake Management Tool 1987 lake sediment, canadohta lake
Laurel McGowan Two Modes of Interpretation: The Scientific Evaluation and Poetic Reflection of Gable Hill Plaza 1991 writing
Kevin McKown An Analysis of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 – The Abandoned Mine Lands Fund 1985 surface mining, reclamation
Stephen Menosky The Effects of Sea Level Rise on Differing Beach Profiles Along the Shores of Cape Cod 1991 coastal area, beaches Rich Rich Bowden
Paul Metzger Assessment of the Relative Importance of Snowmelt and Other Variables to Erosion Rates in Intermittent Streams 1985 stream ecology, erosion, sediment levels
Georganne Morin Conservation Tillage: An Environmentally Sound Method of Controlling Agricultural Soil Erosion? 1989 erosion, agriculture, dust bowls
James Naser The Effects of Hardness on Lead Toxicity in Fathead Minnows (Pimephales promelas) 1987 toxicity
Janice Nichols Whales and Extinction: A History of Commercial Whaling and the International Whaling Commission 1988 whales, whaling, endangered species Scott Wissinger
Doug Oberdorf The Relationship Between Drainage Basin Geology/Physiography and Stream Hydrology of Cussewago Creek 1990 stream ecology Diane Kamola
Ken Ogilvie Sources of Phosphorus in the Hypolimnetic Waters of Canadohta Lake 1987 phosphorus Milt Ostrofsky
Donald Osborne Phosphorus Release Rates from Lake Sediments: The Importance of Phosphate Fractions and the Derivation of a Predicting Model 1986 phosphorus release
Suzanne Oswald A Growthmatic Economy, A Steady State Economy and an Alternative Idea 1986 economics Gigi Berardi
William Parry The Landward Effects of Breakwaters on the Subaerial Beach and Nearshore Zone at Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA, 1991 1991 presque isle state park, beaches Robert Schwartz
Steve Radel An Economic Examination of a Privately Owned Aluminum Buy Back Program with an Emphasis on the Costs and Benefits Absorbed by Society 1985 aluminum recycling, aluminum cans
Lisa Reiter Joint and Several Liability Under the Act Superfund 1988 superfund sites, pollution, hazardous waste Sam Harrison
Lou Reynolds An Examination of Soil Type as a Predictor of Alkalinity in Northwestern Pennsylvania Streams 1985 soils, stream ecology Gigi Berardi
Jessica Rio How the National Research Council Board on Agriculture report “Investing in Research” emerged in policy as the NATIONAL RESEARCH INITIATIVE COMPETITIVE GRANTS PROGRAM 1991 agriculture, policy Eric Pallant
Kimberly Ross Keeping the “Good Apples” Sweet: Fine Tuning the Motivation Towards Voluntary Environmental Compliance 1990 environmental regulation Eric Pallant
Ronald Saunders Is Yucca Mountain a “Safe” Long-Term Nuclear Waste Repository 1991 nuclear waste
Zhaoping Shong Studies of Interactions Between Synthetic Organic Compounds and Aqueous Fe3+ and Cr3+ Solutions using Gas Chromatography 1988 Andrew Jorgenson
Raymond Siegener The Effect of Acidic Water on the Respiration Rate of a Stonefly Predator, Acroneuria carolinensis Banks 1986 acid rain
Jeannie Simmons The Variability of Cyanogenic Glycosides in Aquatic Plants in Response to Herbivory and Nitrogen Stress 1987 herbivory, cyanogenic glycoside
David Smith An Investigation of Gasoline Contamination by Soil Monitoring 1990 soil pollution Sam Harrison
Karen Steer A Study of the Effects of Sublethal Concentrations of the Carbamate Larvin on Survival and viability of the Larval Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio (Holthuis) 1991 pesticides Jim Palmer
Robert Steinmetz The Wilderness Act: A Legacy of Preservation 1989 the wilderness act of 1964, legislation
Pamela Stevenson Crawford County’s Federally Funded Transportation System 1986 urban transportation Gigi Berardi
Henry Suhr Mankind and the Land: Partners in Covenant 1988 land degradation Sam Harrison
Jim Swartz The Tewa Indians of the Upper Grande Region of New Mexico: A Study of a People’s Relationship with Their Natural Environment 1987 Dr. Braham
David Swedler Hydrogeologic Evaluation of Sites for Deep Well Injection of Brine Water in the Meadville and Beaver Center Quadrangles 1986 brine water disposal Sam Harrison
Susan Swensen Overcoming Public Opposition to the Siting of Hazardous Waste Facilities 1985 hazardous waste disposal Sam Harrison
Laura Swaim Correlations Between Surficial Sedimentary Phytoplankton Pigments and Spring Phosphorus: A Paleolimnological Tool for Evaluating Lake Productivity in the Past 1986 phosphorus Milt Ostrofsky
Jill Talbot Nature and Human Responsibility: A Search for a New Environmental Ethic 1986 environmental ethics
Laura Thoburn Photovoltaic Solar Technology: A Financial Appraisal 1985 solar energy Sam Harrison
William Thornton Modification of the Absorption of Zinc Ions on Bentonite by Humus 1985 landfills Sam Harrison
Douglas Godfrey The Effects of pH on Growth and Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in Four Streams in the Adirondak Mountains of New York State 1984 stream ecology, macroinvertebrates
Eileen Tucker Home Again on the Range: Reclaiming Strip-Mined Land 1988 strip mines, reclamation Eric Pallant
Kristen Underwood A Study of the Potential for Contamination Through the Losing Reach of a Tributary of Cassadaga River, Chautaqua County, New York 1988 stream ecology
Chris Weiland Seasonal Variations in the Impact of Sewage Effluent on the Water Chemistry and Macroinvertebrates of Oil Creek 1988 sewage, stream ecology, macroinvertebrates Scott Wissinger
Janet Vite An Evaluation of National Park Policy During the Carter and Reagan Administrations 1988 national parks Sam Harrison
Marie Waechter Factors Affecting Group Size of the Bottlenose Dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, in the Fort Morgan Peninsula Area of Mobile Bay, Alabama 1988 dolphins Scott Wissinger
Timothy Walmsley The Effect of Nutrient Enrichment on the Microbial Activity of Red Oak Quercus rubrum and American Elm Ulmus americana Leaves that Fall Into Streams 1991 nitrogen Milt Ostrofsky
Walter Whimpenny Nutrient Competition in an Agroforestry System 1991 agroforestry
Catherine Whitaker Packaging and Its Environmental Impacts 1990 waste disposal, trash Eric Pallant
Scott Williams The Effects of Acid Mine Drainage and Its Dilution by Freshwater Tributaries on the Water Quality of Kemerer Creek (PA) 1982 stream ecology, mines
Steven Witmer Title XII of the Food Security Act of 1985: An Analysis of the Implementation of Certain conservation Measures Within a Conceptual Framework 1988 wetlands
Andrew Wright An Investigation Into the Possibility of Using the Crayfish Orconectes rusticus as a Biological Control on the Growth of the Aquatic Macrophyte Myriophillum spicatum 1991 aquatic macrophytes Milt Ostrofsky
Peter Wright Proposal and Design for an Interpretive Nature Trail at Robertson Field Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania 1989
David Yezbak A Comparison of Stream Channels Between Forested and Unforested Areas 1988 stream ecology Sam Harrison
Marc Zampell The Biological and Economical Effects of Red Tide on Shellfish Off the Coast of Northern Massachusetts: The Clammers’ Dilemma 1985 Red tide
Timothy Zebulske Internal Loading and Rates of Phosphorus Remobilization from Lake Sediments 1985 phosphorus
Kevin Zinn Economic Analysis of Pennsylvania’s Act 101 1989 legislation Ahmad Afrasiabi