The department encourages off-campus study and internship experiences for both Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors. Courses taken at the Duke Marine Biological Laboratory, the Arava Institute in Israel, the School for Field Studies in Costa Rica, the Ecosystems Center in Woods Hole, or any other departmentally approved off-campus study location, may substitute for some or all of the required courses for either major. In addition, internships may also be acceptable substitutes for these courses. Substitutions must be approved in advance by your Department of Environmental Science advisor.

The department offers credit-bearing internships with local organizations, described under the course numbers 518-529. Interested students should speak with the department’s Internship Coordinator well in advance of the semester they plan to take part in an internship. Internships change from semester to semester and new ones may be available that are not yet listed in the Catalogue. An application is required prior to registering for an internship and students with insufficient course work or low GPAs may be ineligible.