Apr 142010

Dirt by William Bryant Logan

Dirt” by William Bryant Logan.

It’s written like a poetic memoir, half natural history half philosophical treatise.  The writing is fantastic, the author is extremely lyrically gifted, and the chapters are short and often hilarious.  There is a great interplay of the cultural, historical, spiritual, and even erotic side of dirt, yet it still gives a good novice’s overview of soil properties.  Recommended by Dave Cass.

Jan 012011

This super-sad, super-funny novel not only showcases its author’s super-caffeinated comic gifts, but also uncovers his abilities to write movingly about love and heartbreak. Set in the near future in a toxic New York City, this is a novel that manages to mash up an apocalyptic satire with a tragic romance and make the whole thing wondrously work. (Michiko Kakutani)