Community Resilience: Meadville, PA

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Jun 072018

Can Meadville, PA be sustainable, resilient community by 2030?  Check out this report from Spring, 2018.

This website was prepared by students enrolled in the Allegheny College Junior Seminar in Sustainable Development (Environmental Science 585) in the spring semester, 2018. We used the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to assess how the city of Meadville, PA was doing in making progress toward achieving sustainability by 2030.

Sep 092012

Carlyn Johnson, ES and Physics major ’11, was responsible for the installation of Allegheny’s first electricity producing solar panels.

At last we have live data for the two photovoltaic solar panels on Carr Hall.  Click here to see how much energy we are producing right now and to learn how much energy these panels have produced since they were first installed.