Sourdough Mapping Project


I love making sourdough bread, eating sourdough bread, and sharing sourdough starters.  IMG_1694DSC00732

I’ve shared these starters with friends who, I hope, have shared them with theirs.  Now I want to know where they are.  To participate in the MAPPING PROJECT, CLICK HERE and fill out your address and any additional information you care to share.

Soon you should see your pin on the MAP.

I have four different starters:

  • One from the Cripple Creek Gold Rush of 1893 that I have been using since 1988
  • One made by my wife Susan when she captured bacteria and yeast from Meadville grape skins back in the early 1990s
  • A Saudi Arabian starter my daughter purchased for me over the Internet back in 2005
  • A rye starter from the old Soviet Union rye bread factories, 1966.  I got that one from Andrew Whitley in Scotland.
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