Submitting Receipts

To ensure efficient processing of reimbursements and to satisfy auditing requirements, faculty should organize and submit receipts according to the following guidelines. The College reserves the right to reject and deny any reimbursement requests which are unreasonable, excessive, or not properly documented.

Itemized Receipts

Original receipts must be provided. Receipts should be itemized, meaning that all items purchased are listed on the receipt.

  • If you are unable to obtain an itemized receipt, you should provide a non-itemized receipt, if available, together with a note detailing the items purchased.

Organizing Receipts

    All loose receipts should be taped to 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper.

    • Receipts should not overlap and should not extend past the edge of the paper.
    • Tape should not cover words or numbers on the receipt.
    • A helpful approach is to arrange the receipts by date, labeling the piece of paper with the relevant date or dates.
    • You could also label each receipt so that it is quickly identifiable e.g. breakfast, lunch, parking.

Travel/Entertainment Report

Receipts should be accompanied by either a completed Payment Request form or a completed Travel/Entertainment Report, both of which are available from the Forms page. In general, the Travel/Entertainment Report should be used when you are submitting receipts for a trip. One exception is when you are submitting a single receipt; in this case, the Payment Request form is acceptable.To complete the Travel/Entertainment Report:

  • Enter your name and employee ID number.
  • Enter your campus box number or other address, depending on where you want your check to be sent.
  • Enter the date(s) of travel.
  • Enter the purpose of your travel, including whether or not you have presented or served in an official capacity, and the place(s) you traveled to.
  • In Row 10, enter the dates of travel, using one column for each day of your trip.
  • For each day, enter the expenses that were incurred on that day, using the appropriate rows. Note that Gratuities should appear in a separate row from the actual expense. For Mileage, once you enter the mileage in the appropriate cell, the spreadsheet will calculate the reimbursement using the appropriate rate.
  • Print out the form and then sign and date it. When printing, please ensure that the entire form appears on a single page. Your department chair does not need to sign the form.
  • Forward your receipts and completed form to the appropriate person, as described on the Faculty Funding page.

Allowable Expenses

All expenses should be accompanied by original, itemized receipts (see Organizing Receipts section for more details). For complete information about allowable expenses, please consult the Travel and Entertainment Expense Guidelines. Please also note the following:

  • The College carries travel (death and dismemberment) accident insurance for all College employees while traveling on behalf of the College. Additional coverage purchased by the employee is not an allowable expense.
  • Mileage for College business is reimbursable in accord with federal guidelines. To ensure that you are using the correct mileage rate, please use the most current version of the Travel/Entertainment Report, which is available on the Forms page.
  • Only one alcoholic drink per person of legal drinking age may be included on an expense report.

Report of Business Entertainment

For meals not provided by Allegheny’s in-house catering service, if meals are purchased for individuals other than the person submitting the reimbursement request, a Report of Business Entertainment Expenses form (available on the Forms page) must be completed and submitted with the expense report.