Faculty Travel

All continuing full-time faculty are eligible for up to $1,800 in conference travel funding in support of conference travel and professional development. Travel to conferences at which the faculty member presents a paper or plays an official role is fully reimbursable. Other professional development expenses are reimbursable at two-thirds of the actual cost (e.g. two-thirds of $1800 would be $1200). Questions about the program should be directed to Associate Provost Terry Bensel (x3391).

Supplemental Faculty Travel Funding: For a limited number of years, funding of up to $1,000 per faculty member, above the regular annual amount, will be available in support of full-time faculty who are presenting in international or national-level conference venues. These funds are limited and will support about 15-20 faculty requests per year on a first-come, first-serve basis (a portion of funds will be saved to allocate to requests made later in the academic year). Questions about supplemental travel funding should be directed to Provost Ron Cole (x3393).

To ensure that travel expenses will be reimbursed, all faculty are required to have their travel funding pre-approved by completing the online Faculty Travel Authorization Form. All faculty travel, regardless of funding source (e.g., faculty travel, start-up funding, grant, endowment, professorship), must be pre-approved using this form. Expenses which have not been pre-approved can not be reimbursed even if charged to a college credit card.

Until further notice, requests for reimbursement should be submitted by email to the Associate Provost (tbensel@allegheny.edu) on a Travel/Entertainment/Other Expense Report.