Welcome, Seniors!


November 11, 2020

Join us online for “Fall Into Allegheny,” an exclusive event for high school seniors.

Schedule of Events
4:00 PM – Fall Into Allegheny Welcome
4:15 PM – Masterclass Experience
5:00 PM- Prospective Student Connections (students only)
5:45 PM- Narrated Photo Tour

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Fall Into Allegheny 2020 has passed, but check out our website for additional visit experiences.

Master Classes
Partake in a virtual class experience hosted by one of Allegheny’s faculty members. Masterclasses include a mock virtual classroom experience as well as time for Q&A with a faculty member. Please find descriptions for class options below:

Why Can’t We Live Forever? The Evolutionary Biology of Aging– Ron Mumme (class full)
As the evolutionary geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky noted in 1973, “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” In this master class you will discover how basic evolutionary principles help us to make sense of the otherwise puzzling phenomenon of biological aging and senescence, the deterioration of physiological function with age that leads inevitably to death. An evolutionary perspective on aging shows us why there is little or no evolutionary advantage to potential immortality, and why genetic mutations causing premature aging can actually be favored by natural selection.

Fit to Eat: What is Kosher Food and Could It Be Better?-Adrienne Krone
Kosher means fit to eat but what is fit to eat in today’s world? Everywhere Jewish people live, they develop new understandings of what is fit to eat based on local food systems. As the food system in the United States has gotten more complex, so has this question. We’ll cover the basics of the kosher food system and discuss some of the questions Jewish Americans are asking now.

A Brief Tour of the Universe-Jamie Lombardi (class full)
Come explore the cosmos and learn your way around the night sky. We discuss a variety of stunning celestial objects, from black holes to the galaxies at the edge of our observable universe. We finish by reviewing some of the stars, planets, and constellations that are easily visible this month, so that you can feel connected with the sky above.

Thinking Outside the Lines-Pandemic Innovations– Ishita Sinha Roy (class full)
From creative marketing strategies to social media inspirations, the COVID-19 lockdown has shown us some powerful examples of thinking outside the lines. In this brief masterclass, we explore some of these examples and talk about the connection with how Communication and Cultural Studies at Allegheny College is the pathway to transformative futures.

Prospective Student Connections
This event isn’t just about hearing from current Allegheny faculty, staff, and students, but future classmates too. Join our admissions interns for some virtual get to know you activities.
*Please note this session is for students only. Students should expect to use camera and audio capabilities if possible.*

Narrated Photo Tour
Join Allegheny tour guides for a narrated photo tour of our picturesque campus. This photo tour will cover many of the stops on our traditional tour route. We would also love to see you on campus for a personal tour. You can register for in person tours on our website: allegheny.edu/visit

Register for Fall Into Allegheny

Fall Into Allegheny 2020 has passed, but check out our website for additional visit experiences.