United Methodist Scholarships


Under the Ministerial Discount Policy of Allegheny College, students meeting the requirements below (and children of retired or deceased United Methodist ministers with the same credentials) may receive, upon request, a 50% deduction for tuition.


  • Unmarried, legally dependent children under age 24 of United Methodist Ordained Deacons and Elders in full connection, good standing, and under full-time appointment by the Annual Conference
  • Students in their first four years who are seeking their first baccalaureate degree, excluding summer sessions and Experiential Learning seminars
  • Students who are full-time and remain in good academic standing with the College

Students who meet the requirements must complete THIS application every year.  Please return completed applications to the Financial Aid Office.


Students may apply for specific scholarships or the UM General Scholarship.  Application period is Jan. 4 through Mar. 1.  Scholarships include:

  • UM General Scholarship – May be awarded to undergraduate or graduate students attending any accredited institution within the US.  Average award: undergrad $500-$1,000; graduate $1,000-$2,000
  • Elvina Jane Owen Award – First preference to students in the Jonestown District of the Western PA Annual Conference enrolled at Allegheny College, preferably majoring in education.  GPA must be at least 2.85.  Average award: $500-$1,000
  • Allan Jerome Burry Scholarship – Awarded based on nominations by campus minister/chaplain.  Meant to recognize academic performance, leadership skills, and participation in the activities of a UM-related campus ministry or chaplaincy program at the college or university.  Must be member of UMC for at least 3 years.  GPA must be at least 3.0.  Average award: $1,000
  • Rev. Dr. Karen Layman Gift of Hope: 21st Century Scholars Program – For undergraduate students who demonstrate strong leadership in the UMC.  Must be a member for at least 3 years with minimum GPA of 3.0.  Average award: $1,000
  • Ethnic Minority Scholarship – For undergraduate students of Native American, Asian, African American, Hispanic or Pacific Islander parentage pursuing their first degree.  Must have minimum GPA of 2.5.  Average award: $500-$1,000
  • HANA Scholarship – For undergraduates at a junior or senior level or a graduate student born of Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander parentage.  Must be active member of the UMC for at least 3 years with plans to prepare for leadership in the UMC and in their HANA community.  Minimum GPA of at least 2.85.  Average award: $1,000-$3,000.
  • Journey Toward Ordained Ministry Scholarship – For students pursuing ordained ministry at either the undergraduate or graduate level.  Must be of racial/ethnic minority and no older than 30 years of age.  Must also be active member of the UMC for 2 years and attend a UM related institution with a minimum GPA of 2.85 (undergrad) or 3.0 (graduate).  Average award: $5,000
  • The Edith M. Allen Scholarship – For outstanding African-American graduate or undergraduate students pursuing a degree in education, social work, medicine, and/or other health professions.  Must be enrolled at a UM college or university, have a B+ average or higher and be full and active member of the UMC for at least 3 years.  Average award: $1,000
  • David W. Self Scholarship – For students pursuing a church related career.  Only incoming freshmen may apply.  Average award: $1,000
  • Miriam Hoffman Scholarship – For those at the undergraduate of graduate level pursuing a vocational career in music education or music ministry.  Average award: $500-$1,000
  • Richard S. Smith Scholarship – For students pursuing a church-related career.  Must be a racial/ethnic minority.   Only incoming freshmen may apply.  Average award: $1,000

Apply for GBHEM scholarships or loans HERE.


For details, visit www.umhef.org or call (615) 649-3990.  Some UMHEF scholarships include:

  • UMHEF Named Scholarships – Must be an active, full member of the UMC for at least one year prior to applying.  Priority is given to applicants enrolled or planning to enroll in a UM-related institution.  Apply between Jan. 2 and Mar. 1 for following year with THIS form.
  • Dollars for Scholars – Provides $1,000 matching scholarships to UM students who have received a $1,000 scholarship from their local UMC church to help them attend a UM-related college or university.  Allegheny participates in the Triple Your Dollars component of the program, so your $1,000 donation will also be matched with $1,000 from Allegheny.  Apply between Jan. 1 and Mar. 1 for following year.  Forms can be found HERE.


The Western PA Annual Conference awards various scholarships to students affiliated with the UMC.  Some of their scholarships include:

  • Conference Scholarships – Three award of $1,000 granted to UMC students attending one of the following schools:  Allegheny College, Mount Union, Otterbein College, or WV Wesleyan College
  • Merit Scholarship – Two awards of around $750 granted to students attending any UMC college or university
  • UM Foundation Scholarship – Award of $1,000 granted to student attending any UMC related college or university
  • Ruth Zitzman Schall Memorial Scholarship – Award of $500 or more granted to first-year female scholarship with priority given to members of Tionesta or Mt Washington UMC
  • Christopher Smith Memorial Scholarship – One need-based award granted to student enrolled in any college or university with preference given to applicants of Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Point Park, College, or graphic arts programs

The application form for Western PA Annual Conference scholarships can be found HERE.