Financial Aid Implications for Study Abroad

Allegheny-Sponsored Programs – These off-campus study programs encompass a variety of programs for which Allegheny students are charged Allegheny rates for program costs.  In many cases, Allegheny financial aid, with the exception of federal work-study and Tuition Exchange scholarships, can be applied to program costs.  The program fee always includes tuition; if the program fee includes housing and food, students will be charged Allegheny housing and food rates.  Depending on the program, students may pay for housing and food directly to the host institution.

Independent Programs – Students participating in these off-campus study programs will pay program costs directly to the institution through which they are participating.  Allegheny financial aid is not applicable to independent program costs; however, most state and federal aid can be applied.  Students participating in independent programs are responsible for notifying the Office of Financial Aid & Enrollment Support to initiate a consortium agreement for the transfer of state and federal aid (e.g., student loans).

Students are encouraged to meet with a financial aid office representative to determine specific financial aid implications for the program being considered.