Gator Cash

Gator Cash is a declining balance account where funds can be deposited and used at the locations listed below.

Gator Cash remains on the student’s account until the student separates from the College.
Gator Cash must be pre-deposited before use.

Options to Deposit

Credit Card – Online

Deposit money online with a credit card through Allegheny’s GETFunds Website or smartphone app.

Deposit now | More information regarding GETFunds

Cash or Check – On Campus

Bring cash or check (payable to Allegheny College) to the Financial Services Office in Bentley Hall Suite 107 on the first floor.

Check – By Mail

Please make check payable to “Allegheny College” and include the words “Gator Cash” and the student ID on the check to insure it is applied correctly

Mail to: Allegheny College, Financial Services, 520 North Main St, Box 9, Meadville, PA 16335


Gator Cash can be used for purchase at the following locations:

On Campus

  • Allegheny’s Merriman Bookstore
  • Brooks Dining Hall
  • McKinleys Food Court
  • Grounds for Change

Off Campus through the “I Heart Meadville” initiative

  • The Whole Darn Thing


Manage your Gator Cash and view your meal plan balances anytime, anywhere.

GET Funds is a secure service providing students, faculty and staff with online account management capabilities. Privacy and security settings are used when users login to the site.

*Note: A valid email and phone number are now required by the GETFunds app.  If your card is not working, one or both may be missing.  Go into Settings to enter the missing information.

From your computer or smartphone (iPhone and Android) you can:

  1. View balance inquiries: Account balances can be displayed in real time.
  2. Check transaction history: Transaction histories may be displayed for up to the past six months. Information displayed for each transaction includes date and time, location, account, type of transaction and transaction amount.
  3. Report cards lost, found or stolen: Log onto GET Funds to submit a lost card report, immediately removing all spending privileges from the card.    (Please contact  Public Safety immediately to terminate access to your building for a lost or stolen card.)
  4. Make online deposits: Students, guests (e.g. parents), faculty and staff may deposit money to their Gator Cash account via credit card or debit card from the convenience of their own computers or smart phone.  No additional charges apply.
  5. View off-campus merchants accepting Gator Cash
Deposit Online

Download app to your smartphone by searching app store for ‘Cbord GET’.