Nelnet Campus Commerce

Online Account Center and Payment Portal

Allegheny College, in partnership with Nelnet Campus Commerce, offers the new Nelnet portal for Students and Authorized Parties to make online payments and set up one or multiple payment plans for your student billing account.

Access to Nelnet Campus Commerce – Online Payment Portal

Students can access Nelnet’s online payment center through the “Nelnet Campus Commerce” link on Self Service. This is a single sign on function and directs the student to their student billing account. Instructions to access your Nelnet Campus Commerce portal through Self Service.

Authorized parties whose students have already granted them account access can log into the Nelnet Campus Commerce portal.

Share Access to Nelnet Campus Commerce with Parent/Authorized Party

Students should share access with a Parent or Authorized Party that will be responsible for payment to their Student Billing Account once logged into their Nelnet Campus Commerce Account. Instructions to add an Authorized Party to your Nelnet Campus Commerce account. Once an authorized party has been granted access to the student’s Nelnet account, they will be able to view billing account details in real time, make online payments and set up payment plans for the term. Parents and authorized parties will also receive email updates reminding them to review the student’s account prior to the start of the term to make payment arrangements.

Once registered, Parents and Authorized Parties log in into the Nelnet Campus Commerce portal.

Students View Printable Statements in Self Service

The student’s Self Service account provides a user-friendly formal statement that is often required for 529 plans to authorize payment, for students or authorized parties that would like to mail payment to Allegheny College via check, or for other account balance verification. Instructions for Students to View and/or Print a Billing Statement. Students now have access to real time account balances in Self Service. Students and authorized parties have access to real time account balance in Nelnet Campus Commerce. If a parent or authorized party is not able to obtain a statement from the student through their self-service account, the student billing office would be happy to assist with a statement. Please call 814-332-2360 or email

One Time Online Pay Direct to College – Account Authorization not Required

To make a payment to a student account without being granted access to Nelnet Campus Commerce, visit our one time payment portal. This site will still require the Student’s Allegheny I.D. number and the Student’s first and last name. Payments can be accepted by credit card (fees may apply) or eCheck/ACH payment.

View Billing Account Activity in Real Time

The Nelnet Campus Commerce system and the student’s Self Service account are linked directly to the Allegheny College system of record and display all charges and payments in real time. A snapshot summary page is displayed after login to Nelnet Campus Commerce for Students and Authorized Parties and also in Self Service for the student that shows the current balance due, charges and pending/anticipated financial aid. Payment plan totals can be viewed in the Nelnet Campus Commerce site. Payments plans should equal the total balance due in Nelnet and Self Service. All categories can be drilled into or expanded for details that make up the balance.

Students and Authorized Parties Set Up Payment Plans

Students and Authorized Parties can set up a payment plan to pay the term balance in equal installment payments. Instructions to set up a payment plan on Nelnet Campus Commerce.

Payment plans are set up per term, not for an entire school year. If you have a payment plan in the Fall and want one for the Spring, you must enroll in a new plan. There is a $50 enrollment fee to initiate a payment plan. All payment plans are set up with payment due the first of the month after enrollment. Students and Authorized Parties also have the option to set up more than one payment plan per term. Instructions to set up multiple payment plans on Nelnet Campus Commerce.

Fall Semester Time Table to Set up Payment Plans
June 1 to July 30 Enroll in a 5-month plan August 1st through December 1st
July 31 to August 22 Enroll in a 4-month plan + 20% Down Payment September 1st through December 1st
August 23 to September 20 Enroll in a 3-month plan + 40% Down Payment October 1st through December 1st
After September 20 No Payment Plan Options – Payment Due in Full
Spring Semester Time Table to Set up Payment Plans
December 1 to December 30 Enroll in a 5-month plan January 1st through May 1st
December 31 to January 23 Enroll in a 4-month plan + 20% Down Payment February 1st through May 1st
January 24 to February 20 Enroll in a 3-month plan + 40% Down Payment March 1st through May 1st
After February 20 No Payment Plan Options – Payment Due in Full

Payment plan installments that fail to clear the financial institution on the due date will be tried 15 days later. If they payment does not clear the authorized financial institution on the second attempt, the payment plan will terminate. The payment plan balance will be considered past due and payment in full to the College is then due immediately.