TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center

finsrv-sac-600x600Allegheny College, in partnership with Tuition Management Systems (TMS), offers the Student Account Center portal to manage your student billing account.

Access the TMS/Nelnet-Student Account Center

Students can access the SAC portal through the “TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center” link on Self Service.  This is a single sign on function and directs the student to their student billing account.

Authorized users can access the SAC portal at | Instructions

Share Access with Parent/Authorized User


  1. Access the TMS/Nelnet-Student account Center through the link in your Self Service account.
  2. Select the “Manage Account Access”.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you would like to help you manage your billing statement.

Parents/Authorized Users

You can log into the TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center after your student invites you to share access. You will be able to:

  • Have full access as an authorized user to the billing account.
  • Receive emails regarding your student’s billing account.
  • Make credit card and e-check payments
  • Set up a Payment Plan
  • Print Billing Statements

Ask your student to select the “Manage Shared Access” button on the TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center portal. Students have access to the portal through a link on their Self Service account.

Once invited, you will receive an email asking you to register.

  1. Select the “Register” link
  2. Create a password that you will remember.

Note: If you have two or more students attending Allegheny, you do not need to create a new login for each student. Set up your account information for the first student. For each subsequent student email invitation, select the “Register” link in the email, then log into your account using your initial login information. Each student with whom you have access will be listed.

Once you complete your registration, you can log in at any time at

Download a Printable Statement

Each month there is a balance due, a printable statement is placed on the TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center. From the summary page, select the “Statements” button then select the date of the statement. The page is expanded. Select the “View Your Bill” button.  A .pdf version of the bill will open to print.

If the statement does not open, check your browser settings. Turn off popup blocker.

Pay Online Direct to College

Credit Card Payments – There is a convenience fee charged for credit card transactions based on a fee schedule determined by the amount of the transaction.

Domestic: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

International: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover issued to international cardholders; China’s Union Pay; Japan’s JCB Card; Korea’s BC Card; International Diner’s Club

Wire Transfers – Processed through our partnership with peerTransfer*

E-check Payments – Accepted through TMS/Nelnet. Electronic check transactions are free.  E-checks function as paper checks and take 6 business days (excluding banking holidays) after deposit to be cleared.

View up to the minute account activity

The TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center is linked directly to the College system to display all charges and payments immediately. A summary page is displayed after login that shows the current balance due, pending aid total, and payment plan total.

To view detail of the totals, select the “Account Activity” button. Once on that screen, we recommend that you select the “All Dates” option for viewing the activity. This will show detail of all semesters.

To view detail of pending aid, select the dollar amount displayed under the Pending Aid column on the Summary page. This will show aid that is expected or tentative. Expected aid is included in the calculation for current balance. Tentative aid is not included in the balance. Please contact Financial Aid immediately for tentative aid as you have to complete the process.

Enroll in a Payment Plan

You can set up a 5 month payment plan to divide the semester account balance into equal payments. Payment plans are set up per semester NOT per year. If you have a payment plan in the fall and want one for the spring, you must enroll in a new plan. There is a $50 fee incurred when enrolling. Your plan is active when the enrollment fee is paid.

Fall Semester Time Table
July Enroll in a 5 month plan 1st payment due August 1
August Enroll in a 5 month plan 1st payment due during enrollment
September Enroll in a 5 month plan 1st and 2nd payment due during enrollment
October – December Payment Plan Enrollment disabled
Spring Semester Time Table
December Enroll in a 5 month plan 1st payment due January 1
January Enroll in a 5 month plan 1st payment due during enrollment
February Enroll in a 5 month plan 1st and 2nd payment due during enrollment
March – May Payment Plan Enrollment disabled

Payment plan installments that are more than a week past due will trigger the closing of the account. The payment plan balance will be added back onto the student’s Allegheny balance. Payment in full to the college is then due immediately.

ACH (automatic deductions from your checking account or credit card) must be set up 10 business days prior to the 1st payment due date to be processed. The first payment will need to be paid manually if the payment plan is set up within 10 days of the first due date.