Procedures for Completion of Allegheny College Travel/Entertainment/Other Expense Report

  • Briefly state purpose and place of travel in appropriate box on Travel/Entertainment/Other Expense Report
  • Include dates of travel in appropriate box on Travel/Entertainment/Other Expense Report
  • There are two options for submitting for reimbursement: either Per Diem or Accountable (Actual) method. (Per Diem is only an option if travel is for 6 or more days.)
  • When using foreign currency, be sure to include conversion rates. You may either use daily currency rates for individual expenses or you may use an average conversion rate for the days of the travel. Please use for the conversion rates.
  • If you are using the Accountable (Actual) method for requesting reimbursement, please submit original detailed receipts with the Travel/Entertainment/Other Expense report. Please attach an explanation for any missing receipt(s).
  • If you are using the Per Diem method (view Per Diem guidelines) for requesting reimbursement, please include dates and specific locations of travel so we can reimburse you for the accurate lodging and meals and incidentals rates for that particular date and location. Current IRS Per Diem Rates can be found in the Internal Revenue Service Publication 1542 at, the U.S. General Services Administration, which allows viewing of various optional rate tables for domestic, outside the continental U.S., and foreign locations.
  • If you are using the Per Diem method for requesting reimbursement, you will need to substantiate locations and dates of travel by attaching paid receipts to the form. Acceptable forms of substantiation include, but are not limited to, hotel receipts, meal receipts, rental receipts, or conference registration fees.
  • If you received a travel advance, please attach a check made payable to Allegheny College for any unspent funds.
  • Appropriate account number(s) and signatures are necessary to process your Travel/Entertainment/Other Expense Report.