Your English and Religious Studies classes this semester are inspiring. The Environmental Studies and Biology classes you took last year were rigorous and thorough. Your study abroad experience in Turkey last summer was team-taught by Philosophy and Geology professors. They combined rich discussions about influential literature that has shaped knowledge at the intersection of Western and Eastern cultures – from Homer to Socrates to Thales and Rumi – with fieldwork placing those writings in the context of the geographic and geological landscapes of their time.

Your Allegheny professors know you’re talented. But how do you demonstrate to future employers, graduate schools, or professional programs how all of these experiences add up to a solid education? In other words: how do you get them to pick your application out of a pool of talented people?

Bring the Pieces of Your Allegheny Experience Together

A Concentration will help you to tell a clear story that weaves together your in-the-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences. You might think of these as separate things. But by linking them, you can develop a powerful narrative about who you are and how your interests, skills and experiences set you apart. Whether in an essay for a graduate or professional school application or in a face-to-face interview with a potential employer, you won’t just be answering questions—you’ll be sharing something unique – your story.

Your story might capitalize on your civic engagement experience, underscoring the way in which you brought disciplinary knowledge to bear on a problem in the community. Your story may focus on leadership and your ability to mobilize resources effectively to build a school or health facility in the developing world in a way that isn’t culturally insensitive and counterproductive. Your story could illustrate the unexpected insights your senior project will bring to work being done both outside your discipline and outside of the academy.

Possible Concentrations:

  • Law and Policy
  • Food Studies

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Prof. Patrick Jackson
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About Allegheny Concentrations

Concentrations help students explore the complexity of real world problems by encouraging students to learn across disciplines. That means you’ll cross boundaries between departments and across traditional majors and minors, linking your academic work to opportunities in career education, internships, study away, civic learning and community engagement.

You will…

  • learn to interpret issues in our increasingly global world
  • explore topics from economic, political, social, technological, cultural and other perspectives
  • develop approaches to big, complicated problems in the midst of real ambiguity
  • engage unexpected dilemmas

…and make important connections between your coursework, out of classroom activities, and the complexities of the world.

Possible Concentrations

Make the most of the opportunities Allegheny has to offer. Find your specific pathway by engaging one of these concentrations, weaving your way through any number of them, or striking out and designing your own.

Law and Policy

The Law and Policy Concentration provides opportunities for you to explore law and policy from theory to practice. Through integrated courses and collaborative learning experiences, including campus and community workshops, lectures, independent research and internship opportunities, you will be exposed to critical and complex challenges confronting our world – from criminal justice reform, human rights, climate change, severe poverty and income inequality – while exploring opportunities for careers in fields that reflect your personal interests.

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